Wednesday 21 November 2018

Roses Farm: A dreamy British renovation

This beautiful cottage Roses Farm, is similar in style to my parents old cottage in Wales, and seeing these photos really makes me miss the old family home. I love this style of cottage with the exposed beams, inglenook fireplaces and flagstone flooring, there is something so cosy and inviting about them..... and not a sterile surface in sight :)

Snuggling up in front of a blazing fire, or sitting around the table in the dining room waiting for the aga to finish (slowly) cooking dinner. with a cuppa or glass of wine in hand..... bliss!

Literally my dream kitchen

Roses Cottage . Photos by David Merewether for Wheldon Times

Saturday 20 October 2018

Cabin Fever....

As the days get shorter and the nights draw in I find myself finally feeling comfortable in my skin again. I am not a big hot weather person nor am I a fan of the summers revealing clothing (on me) and how exposed it makes me feel. So when Autumn arrives along with the chunky cardigans, boots and scarves I feel finally at peace. But I also find myself craving the smell, taste and sight of the forest, and around this time of year my Pinterest account gets full of the most beautiful A-frame houses. So whilst sat curled up in a blanket (and sipping a fine Single malt), I thought I would share a selection with you guys.

Hope you are enjoying the season, what ever it may be in your part of the world xx

Friday 19 October 2018

The 'Third Eye Hat" from HoneyWood and Lone Hawk

These stunning "third eye" hats are the result of a collaboration between Lone hawk hats and Honeywood vintage..... and I don't know about you but I just adore them!

I have never really been a confident hat wearer but my aim for this winter is to finally pluck up the courage to rock a hat ..... I may have found the perfect one to help me on my way. Each hat is a one off, having been handmade and hand embroidered by the talented duo.....

These beauties, plus many more stunning designs, are available online through both Lone Hawk hats and the fabulous Honeywood Vintage

Friday 12 October 2018

Dreamy Rattan Motor Home Conversion

Rattan Motor home of dreams

I am so in love with this awesome Motor home conversion owned by Instagrammer and maker of handmade tepees Mike Krauss and wife Jessica Reed Kraus of House in Habit. Such a happy little camper to spend time in with the family..... or drink Pina Coladas with friends

Ratan Camper :House in Habit

Wednesday 3 October 2018

Molly Costello's Homolumionous Calendar 2019

With 2019 looming I thought it might be a nice idea to do a series on Independant artists that have calendars coming out for the year ahead, so if like me you are totally unorganised and rely on one to help you manage your life, at least you will be looking at a thing of beauty!!

This weeks calendar is Molly Costello's HOMOLUMINOUS calendar. So what I hear you ask is Homoluminous, Molly explains....

"HOMOLUMINOUS explores the ways we are emerging into a new type of human community, one that is glowing, connected, and more equipped than ever to achieve collective liberation. By practicing empathy, gratitude, grief rituals, growing our food, showing up for each others struggles and honoring the power of our imagination, we come to realize that we are the resilient body that our ancestors dreamed up to heal this world. We are the living light. We are HOMOLUMINOUS."

HOMOLUMINOUS 2019 Calendar's are now live!!✨You are now able to pre-order copies for yourself on Molly's website. 

$2 from each calendar will be donated to Chicago Community Bond Fund  It is likely to be a small batch so make sure you get in quickly if you want one!

To purchase the Calendar , and see more of Molly's beautiful work, including my favourite print below,  you can visit her webpage or find her on Instagram

There will also be a ltd number of Tapestries to accompany the calendar available in Mollys shop over the next month (see below)

Monday 1 October 2018

Bedding : Garbo & friends

Garbo & Friends

How beautiful is this bedding from Swedish Brand Garbo and Friends? Although predominantly a children's bedding company the good news is that the Stockholm based company also produce most of the prints, including the Fauna print in the top picture, in adult sizes too!

Their sheets are a luxurious blend of 60% linen and 40% cotton, perfect for delicate skin, warm on winter and cool in summer.
Garbo and Friends

Garbo and Friends latest offering is their woodlands set, covered in beautiful little oak leaves, acorns and a few hidden apples..... just like sleeping in the tree tops.

You can find Garbo & friends via their website, they are also on Instagram

Friday 28 September 2018

Store: Solar Return

Solar Return

Solar Return...... The lovechild of two of my favourite Instagramers, husband and wife team Tracy Conti McCarty (aka vintage clothes expert Prism of Threads) and Stephen McCartey (raw cake maker extrodinaire  This is just one of those shops that automatically head to the top of my list of places to visit....... to browse the beautifully curated items from the talented duo and finally taste one of Stephens famous works of art .... his Raw cheesecakes!

Hanging in the store front window is a stunning stained glass 'cake portal' made by artist Megan Geer-Alsop  
Solar Return x Prism of Threads

Also in the store are a selection of hand chosen 'wearable art' garments from Tracy's clothing line 'Prism of Threads' , a conscious and sustainable clothing brand she established in 2011 offering vintage and handmade creations.

Other item sin the shop include a selection of 'Cosmic Gifts' including :books, tea sets, children toys, crystals, work by local artists, and other cosmic gifts :)

A must see if you are visiting LA!!!

Solar Return is located at 1461 1/2 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026
You can see Tracy and Stephens 2011 Home tour here

You can also follow their story over on Instagram and via their Webpage

Hand carved wooden comb
One of Stephens famous Raw Cheesecakes
The Cakes in Stephens words.....

This journey began on Valentine’s Day of 2014. My wife, Tracy had a vision of a rainbow raw vegan cheesecake, and I knew that making her one would be the perfect way to celebrate our love.

Creating that first cake was a mind expanding process, as colors made from scratch with organic fruit and herbs emerged more vividly than I had imagined possible. She was thrilled when I presented her my rainbow love cake, and when we shared images of it with our community the response made it clear that I was onto something. A new desire was born within to create food that was art.

Friday 14 September 2018

Poppy and Someday.... Eye of Ra..... Isis

Isis: The eye of Ra by Poppy and Someday
I am not big on make up, mainly because I am really unconfident at applying it so tend to shy away from anything other than a splodge of mascara (that ends up smeared across my face because i forgot it was there) but I am getting to the point where actually I would like to not look like a zombie in photographs and maybe make a bit of effort.

And so maybe it is perfectly timed that Poppy and Someday and Eagle Eye Healing have teamed up to make what must be the most beautiful make up I have ever seen..... Isis!

Isis our first Eyeshadow and is Lapis Lazuli and Pyrite. Associated with the third eye chakra, the Lapis Lazuli can be traced back to ancient Egypt where royalty believed in its power to stimulate openness to the spirit world and infinite possibilities of the imagination.

Isis is the first product from the new line Eye of Ra, a collaboration between Kari Jansen (Poppy and Someday) and Jessi Campbell (Eagle Eye Healing)......This ceremonial make up is ideal for opening your third eye and tuning in to your intuition. 

Composed of powdered Pyrite and Lapis Lazuli, this eye shadow can be worn soft or made darker with a little water or natural primer.  
The brass container is handmade by Peter Goebel, The Lapis Lazuli inlay and custom eye design on the lid by Moon Pi. Comes with handmade little brass spoon and a scroll with instructions. 
To see more Visit Poppy and Someday here
Eye of Ra