Sunday 29 March 2015

The Home of.... Brigette Muller aka Hummus Bird

Featuring Fat and The Moons Dreamwaever Mist available here

Peacock Chair and Brigette's hand painted wooden Bowls

I have been following Brigitte Muller aka Humus Bird (@hummusbirrrrrrrd) on Instagram for a while after seeing an image of her beautiful bedroom nook on the Free People website. She has just moved from the nook to a beautiful new apartment which you can see here on Free People Blog here so i thought i would honor her beautiful old home with a little post.

Not only does Brigette shine and have a beautiful home but is a talented blogger and maker too. Check out her beautiful dream catchers (seen below) in her etsy shop here!!

Saturday 28 March 2015

Current Obsession: Plant Anatomy by Rachel Notofsky

Plant Anatomy Prints by Rachel Ignotofsky

These Plant Anatomy pictures by Rachel Notofsky have been floating around Pinterest and Tumblr for a while. Although all three are beautiful the Anatomy of the Flower is probably my favorite. I just love the colours! These would look so pretty framed in my Dining Room....

To view more of Rachel's work , inducing Human cell prints visit her Etsy Shop

Anatomy of a Flower by Rachel Notofsky

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Traditional Swedish Stoves (kakelugn)...

Traditional Swedish Wood burning stove , Kakelugn
Swedish Wood Burning stove
Lars Bolander's Home Featured in Home and Garden Magazine
Traditional Swedish Wood Burning Stove: Fine Little Day

Arent these traditional Swedish stoves fabulous? I have been collecting these images for about a year, until I could get enough together to show you guys on Moon to Moon.

Swedish 'kakelung' have been made in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries out of hand made stove tiles. They are very efficient, evenly distributing the heat and heating up the masonry before exiting the chimney. I am sure you will agree these really are so, so beautiful!

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Florist: Bleuet Coquelicot in Paris

Bleuet Coquelicot: A florist in Paris Photography by Mimi Giboin for Gardenista.
I love walking into a florists and having a browse and a good sniff around although I dont always feel comfortable doing so... I saw a picture of Bleuet Coquelicot on Pinterest and tracked down the original article on Remodlista...

Bleuet Coquelicot is a florist in Paris owned by a gentleman who goes by the name of "Tom des Fleurs." Tom studied Art curation but got a job in a florist after school and now owns and runs the business himself. There are no other employees in the shop as Tom does not want to ruin the ambiance of the store.

Tom Built the shop interior himself mainly from objects he already ownded and it took two and a half months to put it all together.

Sunday 22 March 2015

Double Peacock Chairs....

The lovely Vanessa from Honey Wood Vintage and her beautiful Twin Peacock chair

Ever since seeing Vanessa from the rather fabulous HoneyWood Vintage's  double Peacock chair I have become a little obsessed. I could however only find one other image on the web! Turns out unlike their single Peacock chair cousins these retro beauties are a real rarity!

Saturday 21 March 2015

Current Obsession: Martina Thornhill Ceramics

 Martina Thornhill is a self taught ceramic artist based in Portland, Oregon and her beautiful work is my current obsession! Her beautiful hand built mugs are not only beautiful but actually large enough for a proper cup of tea or coffee (why do so many people make small mugs?)!

I personally am a bit obsessed with the sleepy eye pour over and the eye mug...

Martina Thornhill : Striped Mug

"I create slab built functional vessels from my home studio, using inspiration from nature, flea market treasures, primitive folk crafts, abstract art and cross country travels. Drawing on my background in fiber arts, I approach ceramics from a different perspective. Treating my clay like fabric I develop patterns, fuse seams, and use my hands to create drape and flow.

Clay bodies are chosen for the texture they bring to the piece and for their raw color contrast against glossy glaze patterns. These methods allow me to create production pieces that still maintain a sense of individuality and personality. It is important to me that each piece is unique in the way it sits on the table, or fits in the hand regardless of how many I've made. For me, my craft is about more than my methods and the objects I create. It is about curating a vision that takes into account my experiences and inspirations, and finds a connection in the homes and hearts of others. It is about slowing down and making every day objects special instead of disposable."

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Incense: Satya's Nag Champa...

My love affair with Nag Champa began when I was an Design student back in 2000 (eek... that is so long ago). Someone told me that Bob Dylan burnt Nag Champa at his concerts and thought I would give it ago.... I was drawn in by the strong sweet smells of sandalwood and frangipani.....It kind of went with the whole dreadlocks down to my bum, indie art student, stoner vibe.... well the dreads are gone (left in a bin in Thailand.... yes i cried) and I am now obviously a responsible mother and Nurse ;)  ..... but the nag champa is a total necessity... no other brand will do!


 In fact a few years ago I surprised my sister by getting all panicky because the lady in my regular Nag Champa shop told me there was a shortage at the stockists..... Nightmare!!

One of the first things I do when i get a rare moment alone is Light my incense, stick on a bit of Jimi/Jefferson Airplane, Love, Dylan, etc...... and relax... Bliss!

Although Satya produce many other smells.. i am a die hard Champa fan.

My Satya Nag Champa Stash
Visit here for more Incense posts

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Bohemian Bedroom

Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom

Erin's beautiful bohemian Bedroom

Above are a collection of my all time favorite bedrooms that I have featured on Moon to Moon over the year. Relaxing, calm and tranquil...

Inspired by these images I have created a new collection on eBay ...To see my bohemian bedroom Collection visit eBay here

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Current Obsession: Posters from SugarHigh LoveStoned

UnFuck the future
Close your eyes enjoy the mind

I love these posters from clothing label SugarHigh LoveStoned. Hand drawn by one half of the talented Sugarhigh duo,  Tami!

My personal favorite is the Unfuck the Future one, reminds me of Vintage sex-education literature :)

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Spell Lookbook.... Brokenhead girl

I love the vibe of the latest lookbook 'Broken Head Girl' from Spell and the Gypsy. Such a cool little bohemian cabin. Record player, great furniture and stunning views... what more could you need?

To view the whole lookbook visit the Spell Blog here

Sunday 8 March 2015

Current Obsession: Kaico Kettle by Makoto Koizumi

Keico Kettle in the home of Claire Cottrell

I have been looking for a beautiful stove top kettle for a while and have seen this beautiful Kaico Kettle by Makoto Koizumi. The design is simple and classic and it reminds me of the beautiful vintage enamel kettles that pop up every now and then on Etsy and eBay. Not only are Enamel stove top kettles beautiful and durable but with a gas stove these are actually more efficient than an electric kettle!

Multidisciplinary designer Makoto Koizumi’s portfolio ranges from the very small (chopstick rests and tea kettles) to the very large (residential architecture projects and interior design). And ever since he established his own studio in 1990 he’s approached each project with the same emphasis on tradition and craft. In 2003 he opened his first shop in Kunitachi – a western suburb of Tokyo.

This kettle is available from Amazon or twenty twenty one

Kaico Kettle