Sunday 11 February 2018

Vintage Home: Planning & Remodling Bathrooms 1975

A sunken Copper Bath, Hanging Ferns and stunning hand built wood framed Windows as featured in the 1975 book Planning and Remodeling bathrooms

I am a total vintage interior design book junkie and am slowly building up my collection and today scored a copy of Sunset books, 1975 book Planning and Remodeling Bathrooms for £2 . It is full of wooden and copper bathrooms, huge ferns and dreamy views. Definitely worth a share!!

Saturday 10 February 2018

Saudi Arabian Frescoes: Asir regions Colourful painted stairways

Asir Region: Painted staircase

Bin Hasmsan House, Asir , photograph by Eric Lafforgue
Painted Staircase, Asir, Saudi Arabia
Asir Region Painted staircase: Saudi Arabia
Aren't these painted staircases something else? They are all situated in the Frescoes (houses) in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia, where although the men are responsible for the building of the houses the women are responsible for decorating them.

Although I have just focused on the staircases the whole interior of these homes are decorated inside and out and a definitely worth a google xx

Tuesday 6 February 2018


Amanda Drive in Studio City, California

Here are just a few yummy homes (with oversized windows) I have been drooling over this week on the web. Hope you are all having a chilled February. I am super excited as I am soon to be returning to work permanently in the Emergency Department after a little break...... it certainly won't be relaxing..... but it will feed my need for a challenge and keep me out of mischeif. A change is as good as a rest :)

That light! Photo by Noah kalina
Juvet Landscape Hotel by JSA