Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Photo by Alireza Abbasy

Whoops..... I went Awol..

I can only apologise for my disappearance over the last 2 weeks.

It was actually unintentional but much needed. I have just started a new job as an A&E nurse and as I expected it is exciting, harrowing and intense. I have spent the last fortnight coming to terms with the job move, seeing hideous stuff and the crazy amount of learning I have to do in this new role, whilst juggling christmas and plans for the New Year. 

But Moon to Moon is back.. and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank a few people that have been fundamental in 2012...... Sara and her fellow Sisters of the Black Moon, Kerrie from Gypsy River, Danielle from Beyond Marrakech, Lizzy and Spelly from Spell and the Gypsy Collective, Kelsi from Pandeia, The wonderful Pearle Love team, Zoe from Gypsy Sister, Nur from El Hieroglyph, Kelly Marie from Harem of peacocks...... but most of all I want to thank you all for your continued support, kind words and inspiration. 

Happy New Year!!!

I would also like to mention my lovely friend Felix who took his life in September. There is a big funkily dressed, cheese eating, Beastie Boy loving hole in all our lives without you. I hope you have finally found peace xxx

Monday 17 December 2012

Insta-Homes.... Karie Reinertson from Shelter

I have become obsessed with instagram. Call me nosey, but I am so interested in people and how they live, I think thats why I became a nurse. So many people have such beautiful homes that they share on instagram, so I put an instagram call out for people to share theirs and I have been overwhelmed with images.

So this is the first of my Insta-homes posts, featureing the home of the talented bag maker Karie Reinertson from Shelter. I have chosen this home as it has such a beautiful, warm inviting feel, full of beautiful textiles and patterns. I would love to sit on that chair, read a book and listen to a bit of Dylan. The beauty of her home is reflected in her stunning hand made bags... i Urge you to check them out here.

If you have a beautiful home you would like to be considered for insta-homes then #moontomoon in instagram

Saturday 15 December 2012

The White Company's 'Orange Grove' candle

The White Company's Signature Orange Grove Candle on my bedside table

I have never accepted products for review on Moon to Moon before, as I don't want to be one of those bloggers that bombard my readers with stuff I would never use. When I was contacted by The White Company however, and asked if I would review one of their candles of course I jumped at the chance. I love candles and always have one by my bedside to help me chill after a stressful day in the Hospital.

The review was to be for a Scented candle. Now I often have scented candles but I am really, really, really, fussy about my fragrances. The smell of sickly sweet artificial Vanilla or Candy quite honestly makes me feel nauseous, I am more of a Frankincense, Patchouli, or ylang ylang girl, so I was a bit apprehensive of what I may get sent.

The 'Orange Grove' candle that arrived in the post however was really yummy and arriving in a posh box was so much more luxurious than anything I would usually buy myself. As for the fragrance I was pleasantly surprised, it had  a really subtle Orange fragrance that doesn't smell in the slightest bit artificial or overbearing. Having burnt the whole 28 hours worth of candle in a week I can honestly say this candle was a total winner with me...

At £20 this candle is a bit out of my usual price range for myself, but it would be a candle I would be proud to give to my mum or a friend.

P.s .. I would love your feedback on whether you would like to see more reviews on Moon to Moon.... relevant ones of course!!

pps. had a comment and a number of emails about other items in picture so.... Prism and postcard from the wild unknown. Mini crystal ball from Glastonbury, rings brought from Nepal and China, Scarlett Thomas Book is my current read, I really recommend 'the end of mr y' if you haven't read it already, the leaf I use as a bookmark and is from my favourite tree the Ginkgo Biloba... and Bea.... I am ashamed to admit that is a plastic plant from ikea put into a terracotta pot 

Monday 10 December 2012

Creating a Relaxing Bohemian Bedroom

Dreamy Bohemian Bedroom via the boat people
Starry bedroom Wall
Dreamy bedroom, in a porch

Dreamy bohemian bedroom complete with houseplants and a hammock
Dreamy bohemian bedroom via Elle Interior
Gasp.... that bedding
Beautiful bohemian Art Nouveau bedding, ethnic rugs, hammocks to read in, sheepskin on the floor, stars on the walls, houseplants, pillows and cushions... what more could a girl want when creating a relaxing bedroom?

I have started my first shift as an A&E nurse today (so excited and scared) and know the job is going to be tough so I have been obsessing about creating the perfect relaxing bedroom. Candles, incense, velvet cushions and a stunning vintage crotchet blanket have....

 I am in the process of saving up for my first actual bed in 7 years.... the romantic notion of a mattress on the floor is wearing a little thin...

If you would like a bit of Bohemnian Bedroom Inspiration my Bohemian Bedroom Collection

Thursday 6 December 2012

Current obsession: Turkish Coffee Cups

Ornate Silver Turkish Coffee Cup with lid
Turkish Coffee and Turkish delight :)

Turkish coffee and Turkish Delight
Turkish Coffee cup in 'antique silver' from The turkish Emporium
These Turkish coffee cups are so beautiful. They are espresso sized as Turkish Coffee is so strong, I have been told this is to ensure the Sufi's stay awake through the night to pray and meditate, (dont hold me to this).

Sadly I am not a big coffee drinker and they are too small for my Tri-daily cup of tea but they are so pretty and ornate that I am tempted to get one anyway.... lots of little cups of tea is do-able...

The bottom picture is a coffee cup that is available from The Turkish Emporium, there are however some really beautiful Turkish Coffee sets like this one from ebay, complete with Turkish Delight Bowl

Monday 3 December 2012

Readers Homes: Kelly-Marie Burdekin's Vintage inspired home

The stunning Kelly- Marie from A harem of Peacocks

Bluebird Tea set: similar available in Harem of Peacocks etsy here
Vintage Kitchen Unit
Isn't his home just so unbelievably romantic and fabulous?

 It is the home of Kelly-Marie Burdekin, a British Prop Stylist, Designer/maker,Vintage Buyer and as of last month a vintage etsy store owner. Her love of vintage doesn't just extend to her home decor but her wardrobe too... such a cool gal!!

Kelly -Marie kindly agreed to take these photos for me after I fell in love with pictures of her home over at her blog A Hareem of Peacocks. They are so much more beautiful than I had wished for....

For more images of Kelly-Marie, her stunning all vintage wardrobe, work, life and home make sure you visit the marvellous Hareem of Peacocks, and prepare to get lost.

Thank You Kelly-Marie

Friday 30 November 2012

Bohemian Christmas Pt.1 : Spiritual gifts.....

The Jane Lyle 'Cup of Destiny', image via Gneiss Moon Astrology

The constellation globe from Urban Outfitters
The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
Vintage ouija Planchette from Invisible Gallery on etsy
Zodiac Pillowcases $22 via KinShip
Galaxy Playdough
Here is part 1of Moon to Moon's Bohemian christmas gift ideas. enjoy xx

1) The Jane Lyle "Cup of Destiny" is such a beauty. Based on the 1930's/1940's Aynsley Tea Cup and saucer, commonly referred to as "The Neiros cup of Fortune" the cup of destiny is a great copy at a tenth of the price . £11.99 from Amazon

2) The Constellation Globe, $39 from Urban outfitters

3) The Wild Unknown tarot Deck $40, from the Wild Unknown

4) Vintage Ouija planchette $100 from Invisible Gallery on etsy

5) Zodiac Pillowcases, $22 via KinShip

6) Galaxy Playdough, make your own.... recipe via Fairy Dust Teaching

Thursday 29 November 2012

Friday 23 November 2012

Sponsorship for December

Moon rise by Beth Hoekel

Hey Guys and Gals. To celebrate my favourite winter month and the start of my new job (nurse in A&E, eeek!) I am offering Sponsorship at a reduced rate for December. December promises to be a good month on Moon to Moon with more readers house tours, an awesome giveaway and some christmas reviews....

So if you have a blog, shop or business and you would like a banner on the right side bar, then get in contact with me and reserve a slot at

Sponsorship is now in dollars not pounds

$60 for a 250 x 150 or

$40 for a 250 x 75

If you are interested in statistics then visit my sponsorship space here

I am away in Deepest Cornwall with limited iphone coverage so dont be offended if i dont get back staright away



Thursday 22 November 2012

The home of.. Gisele d'Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht

Here is the home of 100 year old artist Gisele d'Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht, located on the 6th floor of an apartment block in the centre of Amserdam.

To see the full article and photos visit Freunde von Freunden