Monday 25 June 2012

Eames Lounger Chair....

Interior Style Classic the Eames Lounger in Brown Leather

A Vintage Style Classic, The Eames Lounger and Ottoman

Eames Lounger in the wonderful Eames House

Maybe it's because I have been listening to Charles Mingus, or maybe because I sat on a replica a couple of weeks ago, but I really, really have a craving for a brown Eames Lounge Chair. I am actually quite shocked by my taste sometimes, a couple of years ago I remember thinking they were boring and now here I am in Love, dreaming about listening to Jazz and reading Sartre... well not quite...

What do you think? Stylish Classic, or Boring?

Here is a full Tumblr to help you make up your mind, and here is more about the Eames House
xx Gabi xx

Sunday 24 June 2012

Carved Wooden Headboards...

Beautiful Carved Wooden Headboard of four poster bed

Carved Wooden head Board
Lotus Carved wood head board similar available form Viva Terra
Carved headboard and Indian Hanging on teak Bed, and handira 

The top two are awesome aren't they? I am looking for something similar but they are pretty pricey on the web My favourite so far are this Karma Sutra head board , this Ramayana panel and the glorious  Lotus head board however I think it will have to be a good search for a thrifty bargain...

Thursday 21 June 2012

Sheepskin rugs ....

Bohemian Style: If a classic sheepskin rug would get ruined on the floor of your house, why not use one as a cosy chair throw? Cosy
Image: Justina Blakeney 

Effortless Bohemian Style :Sheepskin on chair
Bohemian Interior: Vogue Living Australia, August 2011: Sheepskin rug and Moroccan rug
Sheepskin Rug on Papasan Chair: Earthage Blog

Sheepskin Rugs: The home of Photographer Mark Borthwick
Sheepskin rug: Of course you could use one as a rug :)
Effortlessly Bohemian....I love sheepskin rugs they remind me of an awesome Afghan coat that I had when I was 15. It was the cosiest jacket ever, god knows what happened to it :(

Although I have a thing for sheepskin I am pretty clumsy and a white rug on my floor would get ruined, so I am loving the sheepskin on a chair look. A perfect snuggly winter chair look, or going by the rubbish weather at the moment even British Summer look :)

Monday 18 June 2012

Readers Homes: Jessica from Lonely Moon Child

I have been sent so many pictures of cool homes and funky furniture finds from readers over the last few years that I thought it was about time I started showing off some of your beautiful abodes via a new feature simply called 'readers homes'.

I had seen a few shots of Jessica's house on facebook and knew I wanted to see more. Although Jessica still lives at home with her folks her bedroom is full of character and style. I am loving that shell mobile, collection of knitted blankets, and that vintage, retro green chair is so awesome!! I would defiantly feel comfortable chilling it that room listening to a bit of Jimi.....

The wrapped stones in the second picture are from Jessica's etsy store Lonely Moon Child, where she also sells vintage clothes, well worth a visit.

If you would like to take part in 'Readers Homes'  please e-mail me with a photo at:

Saturday 16 June 2012

The Fabulously eclectic home of... Tracy and Stephen

Stephen and Tracy McCarthy

The home of  Stephen and Tracy McCarthy

The home of  Stephen and Tracy McCarthy

Tracy in front of a Suzani Throw:The home of  Stephen and Tracy McCarthy

The home of  Stephen and Tracy McCarthy

Colour and Light: The home of  Stephen and Tracy McCarthy

The home of  Stephen and Tracy McCarthy

The home of  Stephen and Tracy McCarthy

Texture and Pattern from around the World:The home of  Stephen and Tracy McCarthy

I am so pleased with the lovely ladies at Style like u, this week. The featured style is of the Charming Tracy McCarty and her husband Stephen. It is so nice to see the home of someone I have been aware of on the blogging world for some time. Tracy's blog Prism of Threads and shop of the same name are both regular reads.  Their home is more fabulous than I imagined it would be. Rich colours and patterns, vintage mixed with modern, textiles from around the world.... Yey:)

To see the whole shoot and the video, head over to Style Like U

Wednesday 13 June 2012

The Hobbit Holes of Hobbiton....

How cute is this little Hobbit Hole of Hobbiton complete with potted Garden?
Hobbit hole: Window and pots
Hobbit Hole of Hobbiton
Hobbiton sign
Hobbit Hole: Beautiful Hobbit house 
Hobbit Hole: Attention to details, love that door handle
Hobbit Hole: House details, drying flowers above the door
Hobbit Hole: Hobbit house entrance - I want to sit there with a pipe and a pint of Ale

The pictures are of the actual Hobbit Holes made for the filming of the new Hobbit movie released later this year. The studio are allowing the public to take a tour of the Hobbit village which has been built on private farm land near Matamata. Al of the pictures are from this awesome dedicated Hobbit house Tumblr which I have spent hours dreaming over.....I am so in love, I WANT a hobbit house......

Hands up who's moving to Hobbiton with me?

Tuesday 12 June 2012

At the Ranch...

All of these images are from bleubird blog, a really sweet Texan family blog. I found the top picture on Pinterest and luckily it had a link to these beautiful pictures of the families holiday visit to a ranch.

I love that kitchen!!

p.s. the winner of the give away will be announced this p.m (gmt london) on Facebook so you still have time to enter xx