Sunday 13 December 2020

Molly Weasley and The Burrow

 "The walls were decorated with artwork drawn by children of the
 art department crew, and the prevailing color palette reflected 
the ginger-topped Weasleys' obvious favorite colors: red and orange."

My son is just 6, and although I really wanted to read the books with him first, my excitement ran away with me one rainy lockdown day a few weeks ago, and we started watching the Harry Potter films.

A few days later a friend asked me what character from a film I found I resonated with and why...... and to my surprise confidently poppoing up from my unconscious was the answer "Molly Weasley"!

The why part of the question started with the thought that she lived in 'The Burrow', probably my  true dream home. A home build on love........ cooked-from-scratch family meals, shabby old chairs covered in knitted throws, mis-matched crockery, wonky stairs, thread bare carpets covered with rugs, book shelves with the books squashed back in any free space... and then I recognised that actually this house and person resembled my own..... I even have a long haired ginger son.

 “We wanted everything - from the furniture through to the
 crockery on the kitchen table - to look as if it had been bought
 in second-hand shops, picked up at swap meets, or rescued from curbs.” - Stephenie McMillan

Its funny how through re-visiting films and books we notice the passing of time and the change in us. We are not the same person as we were first time around. I always thought of myself as Ginni Weasley in the past.....