Tuesday 30 October 2012

Kitchens with big windows

Greenhouse Kitchen : What I would do for this!!!
Kitchen: Big windows, eclectic tiles and pots and pans

Earthship kitchen: Okay I posted this a couple of days ago but it is so beautiful
Greenhouse kitchen/ utility room
When I was 14 I had a friend called Charlotte who had a kitchen with a greenhouse type glass roof. Ever since I first saw that kitchen I have been obsessed with the idea of building and designing my own. Plenty of sunlight, mismatched kitchen surfaces and over looking a beautiful garden..... well I can dream...

Hope you are all having a great week, dont forget to enter the Wild Unknown Tarot Card give away, over 300 entires so far.....The winner will be drawn tomorrow... good luck

xx Gabi xx

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Saturday 27 October 2012


Earthship interior, ultimate sustainable ecohome

Earthship bedroom

Earthship: Interior garden and pathway
Earthship exterior
Earthship pond
Earthship bathroom

Earthship exterior

The images above are a selection of my favourite earthships from the web. I have been obsessed with these houses since discovering Lesley from Earthage was selling hers (here).

 These quirky homes are not only beautiful but made of recycled materials and have been described as "The epitome of sustainable design and construction".

So beautiful.

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Thursday 25 October 2012

The home of... Textile designer Isabel Wilson

The Williamsburg home of Textile designer Isabel Wilson

"By exploring the world and dissecting it into measured fragments, compiling collections becomes an act of seeing. To artist and textile designer  Isabel Wilson, collecting what she sees and what she likes is not just a passion, but a necessity. Her apartment and studio are both filled with a rich archive of assembled butterflies, sea shells, foam creatures and other carefully catalogued elements, of which traces echo into her colorful paintings and fabric designs."

For the full article and photos visit the wonderful Freunde von Freunde

Sunday 21 October 2012

Samhain Give away: The Wild Unknown Tarot from Bona Drag

Bona Drag: The Wild Unknown Tarot Cards ... The Seven of Swords
The Wild Unknown Tarot Card creator Kim Krans with the Justice Card

My Favourite Jewellery Designer Pamela Love with her favourite wild unknown Tarot cards

The Wild Unknown Tarot: my favourite card the High Priestess
I am so happy to announce this wonderful give away for the most beautifully illustrated Tarot cards ever!! 

The cards are generously provided by one of my most favourite online boutiques Bona drag, whose wonderful repertoire of labels include Pamela Love, Mania Mania, Lindsey Thornburg, and of course the marvellous Wild Unknown.

Each of the 78 full colour cards was illustrated by the very talented Kim Krans of the Wild Unknown, and took a couple of days to draw. I personally own a pack of these beauties and I can tell you they are stunning!!!

The set includes major and minor arcana, as well as a fold-out newsprint drawing and guide. Box has a pretty black ribbon pull inside and is covered with intricate drawings...

The original batch of the cards were an instant sell out and this current batch is moving swiftly too.... So all you have to do to be in a chance of winning these beauties is.....

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 * Visit the Marvellous Bona Drag here and leave a comment letting us know what your favourite item is.... 
                   (mine is this Pamela Love necklace or this ManiaMania ring)


Extra entries will be given to those who tweet, share on facebook or Pinterest , or Instagram.

The Winner will be announced on Samhain (Halloween)
Good Luck 

Thursday 18 October 2012

Readers Homes... Raw Chocolatier, Laura Coxeter

Beautiful Bedroom
Sheepskin rug and vintage vinyl 
I love that vintage cabbage crockery 

Donovan and Lloyd Loom
Vintage coats and bags

I love instagram. I have found so many interesting people through it. One of them is the lovely Laura, a raw chocolateir and Radio d.j living in London. I was so stocked when she agreed to show us around her beautiful warehouse living space, and am defiantly not disappointed. Here is more about the Lovely Laura....

1) Tell us a little bit about you and where you live?

I live in North London, in a large Warehouse-sharing with 13 other people! I've only been here a month & it's quite a different way of living! By day I'm a Chocolatier- I make Raw, Vegan chocolate. I also DJ & host a radio show.

2) What attracted you to your home?

 The space & light!

3) Do you have a favourite/sentimental item?

  Oh goodness! I couldn't pick one single item, all my things are treasures! I do have a box of 'Ephemera'. Letters, cards, tickets, trinkets that I keep. Reminders of people & special times.

4) Where do you buy your furnishings? Any recommendations?

I've picked stuff up all over the place, over the years. My mum was always going to junk shops, charity shops & even the rubbish tip when I was growing up! I get my collectors eye from her. I've found a few bits from car boot sales & used to live by Portobello road which was a constant source of treasure. 

5) What/who inspires your personal/ home style?
 I love interiors that look 'lived in'. Eclectic, homely, cluttered even. My mum was always into the Victorian/Edwardian/Georgian periods. Lots of dark wood, deep reds on the walls, always lots of photos & paintings about. Antique Persian rugs and old books. That is an aesthetic that's rubbed off- but I do like to throw in the odd Deco piece & of course love the 60's & 70's earthy look. Lots of wood, ceramics, crochet, plants. Plus a touch of the East & some velvet & lace decadence.

6) What/ where would be your dream home?
 I'm torn between a wooden house, in the forest. Natural, with a wood burning stove & lots of sheepskin. I also love the classic elegance of a Georgian townhouse, filled with dusty bookshelves & lamps......

7) What was the last item you brought?

 I actually bought a large Persian rug. It was a (rare) eBay bargain! 

8) Do you have a wish list item for your home?
Oooh- always searching for better storage for my records. I'd love more macramé plant hangers & to build a glass terrarium.

Monday 15 October 2012

Hibernation: Cosy bedroom nooks....

Hibernation: cosy bedroom nook

Bedroom nook
Pine bedroom Nook
Bedroom nook with fairy lights
Bedroom nook
It is that time of year again when getting out of bed is such a struggle. These Cosy bed nooks are the perfect places to hibernate....

Thursday 11 October 2012

The Home of.... Kim Krans from The Wild Unknown

The Home of Kim Krans and Jonny aka 'Family Band'

Beautiful wooden table complete with one of Kim's ;The Wild unknown' Prisms

Vinyl collection

Jonny ollsin

Kim Krans

Trinkets: The Wild Unknown Mirror Prism

So inspired by this beautiful rainbow Crystal Mobile
Drink Water :)

Even the inside of the Tarot's box is beautiful

I have a girl crush on Kim Krans. Amaising Musician (Family Band), fabulous illustrator and maker of magical Prisms , and now she has surpassed my expectations and made a set of Tarot cards that are just so unbeleivably gorgeous.

So of course I wasn't surprised when surfing the free people blog to find that Kim and her equally as talented partner Jonny Ollsin live in a beautiful inviting home.

The first run of tarots sold out immediately, but I have just bagged a set of the re-issues which have just gone on sale, to get your hands on a set visit Bona Drag here.... good luck...

The Wild Unknown tarot Cards