Tuesday 26 March 2013

Full Moon Give Away from Gypsy River...

My personal favourite: Beautiful vintage Kilim Cushion from Gypsy River ...

I am happy to announce that the Moon to Moon full Moon give aways have recommenced, and what better way to re-begin than with a give away for the bohemian home must have item.. The kelim scatter cushion.

Long time Moon to Moon favourite Kerrie from Gypsy River is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Kelim cushion of their choice... To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is:

* like Gypsy River and Moon to Moon on facebook
* Visit The Gypsy River Shop and let us know below which is your favourite item by commenting below


*extra entries will be given to those who re-instagram the image found on Moon to Moon's instagram....(@moontomoon), pin on pinterest, or share on twitter or facebook... good luck...

The winner will be announced 3rd April

P.s.... if entering anon, be sure to tell me who you are :)

Could you sell Everything and start again?

Photograph by David Carr Smith
Eclectic sitting room
Reverend Al Sharpton, political activist, Brooklyn
Eclectic sitting room: Mismatched sofas and vintage lamp
Wiksten: Lunch at Catlyn's
My uncle has just sold his house and the people buying it like the whole place so much that they offered to buy all the furniture as well as the building. My uncle said yes.

I have been pondering this a lot, and am not sure what I would say...I may not have the nicest furniture in the world but I mean, it took me 6+ months to find the 'perfect bed' and then I waited 3 more months until it went in the sale. Most of my items were charity shop, thrift shop, car boot, street or ebay finds, that I could never find again.. these items were each a moment of excitement, a bargain or freebee or an item that I worked hard to save for.

... am i just being a typical Taurean and putting too much weight into material items?

Would you sell everything and start again? Would it be a wonderful liberating experience or your your worst nightmare?

for me the jury is still out..

Saturday 23 March 2013

In the Mountains of Tennessee....

All images from Benjy Russells 

This is the stunning wooden  home of artist Benjy Russell, to be found in the mountains of Tennessee. The perfect country gettaway...

Friday 22 March 2013

Join us... Sponsorship..

mexico city 9 (museo frida kahlo)
spencer tunick2007
Moon to Moon is looking for sponsors for April, if you are interested and would like some more information email me at moontomoon@live.co.uk or visit my sponsorship page here

Thursday 21 March 2013

Details: Incense, crystals and velvet ...

Details: Incense, Crystals and Velvet
Amethyst Candle Holders
Details: Incense
Details: beautiful bottles and Quartz crystals
Incense, crystals, candles, velvet and other pretty things. It is these little details that make a house a home... what details or objects could you not live without?

Tuesday 19 March 2013


Conservatory /Green house

Beautiful Garden room: Anne Claire Rohe Photography
Dorothee Schumacher's Conservatory: via the selby
Blue Velvet chair in a beautiful conservatory xx
Beautiful Bohemian Conservatory
Overgrown Plants: conservatory detail
Beautiful spot to sit and read: Conservatory
I am thinking maybe I could get a conservatory built on my house. It would be so cool to have a little reading room with a pretty tiled floor, beautiful exotic plants and a Blue velvet chair to read a book in....

For more posts on houseplants click here

Current Obsession.. Beetle (Coleoptera) Pottery

Laura Zindel Hercules Beetle
Beetle Pot: Pirate Rose Pottery on Etsy
Illustrated beetle Mug (CALLIPOGON BARBATUS) Via Two Red Trees
White Beetle Drawer Mug from Liberty
I love beetles. My final year project from my Photography degree was a collection of 5 taxidermy 'Coleoptera' prints, showing Beetles from around the world. Beetles make up about 25% of all life forms and are found on all major habitats, except marine and the polar regions...

...Plus they make great mug subjects.. above are some of my favourite from Laura Zindel, Liberty of London, Two Red Trees and Pirate Rose Pottery Etsy

Sunday 17 March 2013

Round Ceiling Windows...

Round Window: Pottery studio

Jean-Francois Zevaco
Beautiful round windowed Tea Room
Round window: Shower room
Aren't these round ceiling windows great? When I win the lottery and build my woodland home, I am going to have one of these :)

Friday 15 March 2013

One Room: Bright relaxing bohemian bedroom..

How beautiful is this eclectic bedroom? It is the bedroom of Emma from MarionHouse. The neautral pain scheme is perfect for dressing up with beautiful Kilim and Indian cushions, kantha quilts and baskets from her travels around the globe.

To create a similar look in your own home try:
Kelim cushions from Plumo ,Gypsy River or babasouk
Stunning Small Fair Trade baskets from Baskets of Africa
Tagine Basket (on Table) from Babasouk
Large laundry Baskets from Swahili Imports
Kantha Quilt from Toast or Fat Lama 

Monday 11 March 2013


Collections: Palmistry
Swan Pots and ceramic collections via Toast Travels
Globes and Plants
Rue Magazine (June 2012 Issue). Photography by Marjon Hoogervorst.
Creepy but cool: Lions and tigers and bears oh my..
Teapots, thimbles, scary victorian dolls, pottery, crystals... people collect all sorts that adorn their homes. I love all of the hands and palmistry books in the first photograph (via shelter protects). Other than books (and a few elephants and crystals) I am not really a big collector of anything in particular.

Are you?

p.s. Talking of collections, If you havent watched Todd Selby's The Archivist video make sure you check it out here

Sunday 10 March 2013

Big Sinks...

Beautiful twin sink with pink mirror via Pinterest 
Big Kitchen Sink
Lorraine Kirk's double kitchen sink via remodelista
Double sink in a beautiful handmade wooden home

Okay, so I could only find four pictures of  'big sinks' for this post, but I just had to share that top photo. It is really girly in a way I could never be, but I love it. There is something a little Alice in Wonderland about big double sinks.

Wednesday 6 March 2013

D.I.Y: For the love of Quilts......

Beautiful detailed quilt: found via ArtSake with no original link (if anyone knows please  comment)
Black and White Quilt via Pinterest
Seen on display at My Blue Bamboo in Plymouth, Minnesota :Karen Stone Quilt pattern
Quilt of Stars: Sparkler Quilt via Funquilts
For Instant results this Reversible Kaleidoscope quilt is pretty good value at Urban Outfitters

Black, white and grey handmade quilts

Stunning Velvet Quilt ELLE France // February 2013 Via Born to be wild

When someone says quilt making I used to think of naff handmade quilts, with pastel flower patterns favoured by grannies worldwide, however I have recently found a new respect for the world of quilting.

I have Come across awesome skilled quilt artists, like Karen Stone whose intricate psychedelic patterns remind me of Abstract artists like Kandinsky, and have totally inspired me... although I may start off with something a lot more simple.. like learning how to use a sewing machine.. I am hoping the second image (black and white quilt) is a bit more realistic