Friday 29 December 2017

Sacred geometry: Stained Glass from Colin Adrian

Sacred Geometry Mandala

A few months ago I got to spend a whole weekend to myself whilst my son and his father went to the seaside for a few days. Not only did I get some time to relax alone (as a parent of a 3 year old this is a very rare luxury) I was also lucky enough to get a last minute cancellation spot on a stained glass mirror making workshop at Bristols Famous Folk House. You can see my little creation below.

The course was unbelievably wonderful. I had forgotten how much I loved being immersed in creative activities and quickly signed up to a stained glass window making one for this coming February.

Looking for inspiration I have come across a few wonderful artists making pieces that I would be supremely proud of, one of them is Colin Adrian, a US based artist. Although he also does a lot of beautiful colourful work I just love the above two calmer pieces.

Colin's work is available via his own website or via The Radder

My own chunky little Mirror

Wednesday 27 December 2017

A Certain Vibe: Big plants and Natural Staircases

The home of Gwen and Gawie Fagan
The home of Architect Ken Mefran

Over the years that I have been blogging my tastes have changed from cluttered and cozy to light and almost sparse. I have cleaned out a lot of my clutter (although I still have a lot hidden in the loft) and tend to make choices that incorporate natural textiles and forms.  I have a tiny little 1960's house but one thing I love about it are the huge windows throughout giving it a sense of openness.... they are also great for a house plant obsessive like myself..... the one thing I can not go minimal on.