Friday 30 November 2012

Bohemian Christmas Pt.1 : Spiritual gifts.....

The Jane Lyle 'Cup of Destiny', image via Gneiss Moon Astrology

The constellation globe from Urban Outfitters
The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
Vintage ouija Planchette from Invisible Gallery on etsy
Zodiac Pillowcases $22 via KinShip
Galaxy Playdough
Here is part 1of Moon to Moon's Bohemian christmas gift ideas. enjoy xx

1) The Jane Lyle "Cup of Destiny" is such a beauty. Based on the 1930's/1940's Aynsley Tea Cup and saucer, commonly referred to as "The Neiros cup of Fortune" the cup of destiny is a great copy at a tenth of the price . £11.99 from Amazon

2) The Constellation Globe, $39 from Urban outfitters

3) The Wild Unknown tarot Deck $40, from the Wild Unknown

4) Vintage Ouija planchette $100 from Invisible Gallery on etsy

5) Zodiac Pillowcases, $22 via KinShip

6) Galaxy Playdough, make your own.... recipe via Fairy Dust Teaching

Thursday 29 November 2012

Friday 23 November 2012

Sponsorship for December

Moon rise by Beth Hoekel

Hey Guys and Gals. To celebrate my favourite winter month and the start of my new job (nurse in A&E, eeek!) I am offering Sponsorship at a reduced rate for December. December promises to be a good month on Moon to Moon with more readers house tours, an awesome giveaway and some christmas reviews....

So if you have a blog, shop or business and you would like a banner on the right side bar, then get in contact with me and reserve a slot at

Sponsorship is now in dollars not pounds

$60 for a 250 x 150 or

$40 for a 250 x 75

If you are interested in statistics then visit my sponsorship space here

I am away in Deepest Cornwall with limited iphone coverage so dont be offended if i dont get back staright away



Thursday 22 November 2012

The home of.. Gisele d'Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht

Here is the home of 100 year old artist Gisele d'Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht, located on the 6th floor of an apartment block in the centre of Amserdam.

To see the full article and photos visit Freunde von Freunden

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Current Obsession... Brooklyn to West

Brooklyn to West

Brooklyn to West headboard

Brooklyn to West is my latest obsession and has me dreaming about starting a woodwork course in the new year. I loved woodwork at school and always wished I could have studied it at GCSE.

This beautiful furniture is made from reclaimed wood so each piece Ariele makes is unique...  based in New York,  having left her native California to study sculpture. Ariele says she

"eventually gave in to my desire and decided to build reclaimed furniture instead. It felt great to start making things that people needed, wanted, and could use in their daily lives."

I urge you to head over to her blog and shop

Friday 16 November 2012

The home of... Artist, Louis Masai Michel...

The London Home and Studio of Artist Louis Masai Michel

This converted warehouse apartment is the  London Home and studio of artist Louis Masai Michel.

LOUIS MASAI MICHEL grew up with Afrocentric artefacts, voodoo dolls and living what many other children read about in storybooks. His father was born in a mud hut in Cameroon, in northwest Africa, and was the only white child in the village.

Louis’ grandfather, a Dutch geologist, travelled across the world with his work and his family followed him. This meant, for Louis’ father, being raised in the African and American continents. This heritage has forged within Louis a strong connection to Africa and its many animals.

Louis’ parents met at art school and eventually became restaurateurs. Louis picked up both art and cooking skills from his parents and they are serving him well......
To read more about Louis read the full article here at Slanted Mansion

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Space colony on the Moon

Space Colony Artworks credited to NASA Ames Research Centre

I love Science Fiction. Star-trek, Star wars, Firefly, V, 2001, Lost in Space..... even Doom...I love them all, they fuel my secret dream of living in a space station or having a little space ship... not impossible I am sure :)

So you can imagine I was mega excited by the news that NASA 'may' be planing to build a space station just outside the moon's orbit. So cool right?

Above are some wonderful Space Colony Artworks from the 1970's, that I first discovered, and drooled over, via Lune Blog some months back. The are NASA concept images from the NASA Ames summer studies from the 1970's depicting life on a Space Colony.... Indoor forests and lakes... I could defiantly live here...

What do you guys think? Would you move to a space colony or stay down on Earth?

More reading...

Read more about the current Moon station plans here

See more of the Space Colony Artwork Here

Monday 12 November 2012

Secret Canadian TreeHouse :The HemLoft

The HemLoft: This beautiful Treehouse is in a secret Location in the Canadian woodlands

This 'secret' treehouse is an illegally built haven in Whistler, Canada built by carpenter Joel Alan. A labour of love costing $6000 to build, using reclaimed materials and taking months to find just the right tree, i am sure you will agree The HemLoft is the perfect treehouse getaway.

"The HemLoft is a self-funded secret creation that built on crown land in Whistler, Canada. It hangs on a precipitous slope, in a towering stand of hemlocks, about a five minute walk from the nearest road. When I started building it, I was just a fledgling carpenter, living out of my car. Building an experimental orb deep in the woods, with no electrical power, isn’t the recommended way to ease yourself into carpentry. However, I was armed with a couple of the most powerful tools a carpenter can have: blind naiveté and supreme determination."

To see more visit Joels HemLoft website here