Thursday 29 March 2012

Collections : Crystals ......

Crystal collection

Atlantean Quartz on the Sand they Grew Up

Crystals : I love born to be wild
Beautiful crystal


 Beautiful Grounding crystal necklace by Daughter of the Sun
Inspired by my excitement/anticipation for knowing my new crystal necklace (see above) from Daughter of the Sun is soon to arrive I am dedicating this post to one of my favourite things to collect.... Crystals :)

As a kid my earliest 'wants' in life were a big Amethyst Geode and a big crystal ball. I am still mesmerised by all the beautiful patterns and textures that these natural objects have been formed in, why would you want a diamond when you could have Turquoise, Lapis, Moonstone or Labradorite? Whether you believe in crystal healing or not, they are pretty darn cool aren't they?.

xxx Gabi xxx

It's arrived and even more beautiful in 'person', thank you Amy xxxx

Whilst collecting pictures for this post I came across this awesome video By Todd Selby, defiantly worth a watch, this dude is

Williams's Crystal corner , A selby film

Thursday 22 March 2012

April Sponsors shout out....

For a long time I did not have any sponsors for Moon to Moon as I really didn't want any adverts to detract from the 'vibe' of Moon to Moon. However, I have got so many e-mails from lovely people with awesome shops, blogs, creative talents and businesses that I have decided to give it a go and help generate traffic for others - share the love!!!


If you are an artist, musician, blogger or have a business you would like to promote here on Moon to Moon or have any questions please click here to visit the sponsorship page 

xxx Gabi xxx

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Bohemian accessories for the home : Skull ornaments ...

The killer Spell Halo Skull ornament

What I would do for this beauty!!! Painted skull ornament
Pamela Love's Skull Ornament

Buffalo girl's  Skull Ornament

Skull Car
Spell HAlo Skull Ornament
A couple of years ago I brought my sister an awesome skull ornament from urban outfitters. Since then I have fallen in love with the little guys. So I was pleased about an hour ago when my lovely blogging buddies over at Spell announced their March Competition to win one of the beautiful Halo Skull ornaments.

Although to be in with a better chance of me winning I should probably not be announcing the competition but I just had to share, so get yourselves over to The Spell Blog and enter this awesome give-away.What I would do for this Beauty!!! Painted Skull ornament

Saturday 17 March 2012

Create a Bohemian Bedroom, part 2 .... The details ...

Creating a bohemian bedroom with Kilim cushions, dream catchers and candles 
Creating a bohemian relaxed bedroom: Sunken bed with plenty of cushions and pillows :)
Creating a bohemian bedroom: Mosquito net canopy and Indian throws 
Creating a bohemian bedroom, with an anthopologie quilt. So pretty!
Bohemian bedroom ideas: Unusual unique wall hanging :Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud via Design sponge
Bohemian Bedroom inspiration: Strange but beautiful. I love that window

Some ideas for helping creating a beautiful, relaxing bohemian bedroom, as requested by Julia. Hope these help xxx Gabi xxx

For Part one click here

Thank you for all your lovely comments regarding my work. It has got better over the last few days, I am starting to relax a bit more now

Thursday 15 March 2012

The Winner is .....

Rajasthani Jewellery, Image from Spell

The Lovely HippieBohoReloaded in her Gypsy River Necklace
The Random number generator has chosen the lovely Cheska From The Naked Faun Blog to receive the beautiful vintage half moon Banjara Tribal necklace.

Congratulations lovely lady please e-mail me your address.

On behalf of Kerrie from Gypsy River and my self thank you to every one who entered. The full moon give away was a success, and the first of many more to come?!!

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Glorious Camping ......

Native American style tent..
The ultimate tent interior? I could sit here for weeks
Tent Near Drikung Til Sky Burial by Lyle Vincent

Magical Fairy lights and tepee combo
Hand made tent

Romantic Hand built tent
Awesome Plant covered tent image sent to me from the Lovely Amy at Daughter of the Sun

Although I am happy I moved jobs, I have had a tough couple of weeks at work, my new ward is extremely intense and unbelievably busy and I feel a little lost and out of sorts at the moment. It is at times like this when I feel the forests calling me, I really have the urge to get out into the countryside and go back to basics, away from the crazy hustle and bustle of city life.

Toast some marshmellows, drink some mulled cider and chat about the meaning of life around a camp fire, Heaven!

Yea, lets all go camping......

 p.s Only 1 day until the full moon give away closes so get your comments in guys 

xxx Gabi xxx

Sunday 11 March 2012

Tree house ....

Chrissie and Chris in their Tree house sitting room 

Tree house interior

Tree house kitchen
Tree house interior

Tree house ladder

Tree house :above the bed

Tree house exterior
My jaw dropped when I discovered this treehouse over at The Glittering Plain blog. I have always dreamt of living in a tree house and this one pretty much ticks every box. Im loving that big window over the bed...

Massive respect to owners Chrissie Bradley and Chris LaBreche, this is one awesome abode :)

Thursday 8 March 2012

Full Moon Give away.... Banjara Tribal necklace

Beautiful Vintage Banjara Necklace from India

Banjara Necklace Detail

Woo Hoo its the full moon....What better way to celebrate a full moon than with a Gypsy River Banjara Tribe half moon necklace give away? This beautiful Indian necklace is hand made with coins and bells and will add a jingle to your step.

 This stunning vintage necklace from my sponsor Gypsy River will be one lucky ladies (or guys). All you have to do to enter is....

*Visit the Gypsy river shop and leave a comment telling us which product you like the most
*Follow Gypsy River and Moon to Moon and...
*Like Gypsy River and Moon to Moon on Facebook
*Extra enteries will be given for those who tweet or facebook the giveaway

The winner will be chosen at random on Thursday 15th March

Good Luck Guys   xxx

My Banjara Tribe Necklace

Monday 5 March 2012

Eames house ...

Inside the Eames house
Nook under the balcony inside the eames house
Eames house interior 
Eames house interior

Eames house interior
The top picture was one of the first images I found for moon to moon. I had no idea of what or where it was but I instantly fell in love. It is, of course the Eames house, also known as case study house no 8 and is a landmark of modern architecture in L.A.

It is totally different from my usual style but I love this room, even though it is so open it looks so warm and cosy. I would love to curl up on that sofa with the sun shinning in through those big windows...

For more information about this beautiful house see here