Sunday 30 June 2013

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A gate between two dimensions by Chiara Fersini

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On a separate note I am off to Holland to visit my Dad for the Week so for the first time ever I have scheduled posts to publish. Fingers crossed it works. As the posts are scheduled there will be no facebook announcement when they are up, so check here or Bloglovin

Have a wonderful week

xx Gabi xx

Saturday 29 June 2013

Current obsession: Himalayan Salt Lamps..

Himalayan Slat Lamps: Home cleansing or just a pretty edition to your home?
Himalayan Salt Lamp
Salt lamp and fern
Himalayan Salt lamp Alter
Rock Salt Candle holder
Salt Lamp
A lit salt lamp
I have seen these little guys all over Pinterest and Tumblr recently. They are Himilayan Salt lamps, although from a rather embarrassing experience I can tell you they do not taste like salt :)

I have heard of a variety of  healing properties of salt lamps, from increasing Melatonin production, ionizing rooms, and cleansing your house of negative vibes. Personally I think they just look really awesome and give off a nice candle like light. Plus if you get a neutral tone one, not an orange, you can change the color light they give off with different colour light bulbs..

Friday 28 June 2013

Bring back the Gramophone...

Gramophone Dream
Gramophone in green
\Period home with History: Gramophone giant
Bedroom Gramophone

They are just faboulous arent they? I would smile for a year if I had one of these vintage beauties!!
If I wasn't so worried that if I got one it wouldn't work I would buy one tomorrow, I do just have really bad luck with electrical s..... of course it would look pretty even if it didn't work

However, for those scared of vintage electricals too, there are always the iphone Gramophones, which are still pretty darn cool?!?

Iphone Gramophone

iphone gramophone from pottery barn

Wednesday 26 June 2013

The home of..... Johanna Methusalemsdottir

The New York home of Jewellery designer Johanna Methusalemsdottir

Bob Dylan and Bongos
Eclectic Kitchen

Freunde von Freunden has quickly become one of my  favorite sites for home tours. This tour of jewellery designer Johanna Methusalemsdottir is no exception. Although the home is full of colour and layers of texture, it is such a calming home, and each element fits in so perfectly.

To see more of this beautiful home visit Freunde von Freunden here

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Kilim Cushion Dream .....

Caroline Ventura relaxing on Kilim cushions
Large Kilim Cushions and abstract art
Kilim Dream. Awesome place to chill with friends
Kelim cushions via Design Sponge
Vintage Kilim Cushions: Available from Beyond Marrakech
Vintage Berber Kilim seating
Kilim floor Cushions in Morocco
I have been totally obsessed with Kilim floor cushions for a few years but due to a 'new cushion' ban, imposed by my blokey, I still don't have one. However, a Vintage Berber kilim cushion is not technically 'New' is it? Hmmm!!

Friday 21 June 2013

The home of... Free peoples assistant design manager

Free peoples assistant design manager in her stunning Bohemian Home
Beautiful relaxing bohemian sitting room: Drooling!

Houseplants and Moroccan inlay table
Tiger rug

Those doors!!!!

Vintage dressing table/ vanity unit with large round mirror

Candles and Houseplants
Green and white bathroom

Free peoples assistant design manager's bedroom: A salt lamp and sheepskin rug
Wow! This home is just so stunning isn't it? Layers of cozy sheepskin rugs, salt lamps,  Indian throws, candles and collected items from all over the world..... Free people employees really do live in some amazing homes. This one is the home of their assistant design manager and I just love it. That sitting room is a dream come true. 

Thursday 20 June 2013

Weaving: MaryAnne Moodies Wall Hangings

House of Maryanne: Maryanne Moodies awesome Weave wall hanging

In the Making
Wall Hanging design based on Anthopologie bedspread
The Anthopologie inspired weaving in all its finished glory
Wall Hangings and a basket of Beautiful Yarn
Ever since I saw that top picture I have been a little bit obsessed with Maryanne Moodies Instagram feed. Her beautiful hand woven wall hangings are stunning and so inspiring I have spent the morning researching classes here in the UK. I would love to make one as stunning as that top picture. What do you guys think?

To see more of Maryanne's woven wall hangings visit her on Pinterest, instagram and twitter

Saturday 15 June 2013

The home of... Biba's Barbara Hulanicki circa 1975

The home of... Biba's Barbara Hulanicki circa 1975
Barbara Hulanicki in the sitting-room, the window open to reveal a jungle of climbing plants outside. In the background, a collection of Art Deco glass below the enormous mirror, at least six feet in diameter. Everywhere lamps, small, fringed or mushroom-topped on long, slender stems: everywhere figures, ferns, flowers. In foreground, a set of black/silver/turquoise vases and modelled head on decorated brass tray and glass-sided table: replica of a twenties’ cigarette girl, now bearing a tray of jewellery.
A section of the studio. Beneath the gallery one discovers a sink, kettle. cooker below a thirties’ Grecian frieze. Art Deco chairs in peach moquette. Screen, with beaded shawl. purple plastic  grapes behind a delicate nasturtium-leaf lamp hung with beaded fringe
The bed, above, hung with shawls, scattered with sequinned brocaded cushions. Barbara Hulanicki reflected in the bedside mirror on the writing desk and in the centre of the mirrored bed-head. On the right, a peach mirror flex set of shelves, with photographs, figures, eight Art Deco plastic handbags
Looking down from the gallery into the studio, arranged into its separate “rooms”
The bath, a riot of peach and plastic flowers. Ornate brass taps, Art Deco screen. Brilliant blue glass, candlesticks and pearly plastic grapes
My god I love this place! Isn't it everything you would expect from Barbara Hulanicki? Over the top, eclectic and bohemian. A nightmare to dust though!!

"Barbara Hulanicki at home in one cavernous studio which she found three years ago and filled with Art Deco from floor to ceiling. Walls, ceiling, stairs, all painted a rich matt brown, merge into the shadowy interior; angles and lines are softened and blurred. Colours, not walls, mark out living areas, a different shade for each section of space. Light is filtered through the brown-tinted glass of the high, patterned perpendicular window and a long fanlight in the roof. A brown spiral staircase, leafy with plastic twisting plants, leads to a long gallery which forms the dressing-rooms. Everywhere, an endlessly intricate arrangement of colour, pattern, space; a deep, dark brown jungle of the ornamental, the exotic, the glittering."
Vogue, October 1975

Images and article found on the fab 'get some vintage-a-peel'