Saturday 31 December 2011

The home of... Photographer Mike Mables

Possibly the most beautiful Bookcase ever!

Beautiful exposed brick walls and ceiling beams 

Rustic kitchen interior

Nandi the Cow

This is the stunning Brooklyn home of Photographer Mike Mables. I have been in Love with that top bookcase image as it floats around the blogging world for ages, so it is nice to finally find out who owns it.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years. Thank you to all readers, new and old, for your support and encouragement this year, it really means a lot.

until next year

xxxx Gabi xxxx

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Creating a bohemian room P.t 3.. Rugs

No bohemian room is complete without a hint of Moroccan style interior design

Kilim rug

Yurt interior

Beautiful bohemian rug

There is nothing like a beautiful rug to help create a cozy relaxed interior. I am a big fan of Kilim rugs at the moment but they are so expensive, I am keeping an eye out on ebay for a bargain. For more rug heavy interiors see here.

Hope you all had a great christmas. I got the Woodstock handmade houses book I wanted (cheers Lizzy) and it is even better in print.

Friday 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas

Moonrise by the talented Beth Hoeckel via here

I am off home after my shift this morning. Although I have internet assess at home I doubt I will be posting so just wanted to say happy Christmas for Sunday xxxx

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Romantic Lace for Christmas

Bohemian lace bedspread
Lace curtain and peacock chair

Lace bed
Lace and Ostrich feathers
Lace detail on mirror
Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg under lace sheets in the Performance

I am going home (Snowdonia national Park) for Christmas and I can't wait. My parents have a really beautiful 13th century cottage which, is 15 miles from the nearest town. Heaven!

The bedroom we sleep in is really pretty and full of antique ornaments and crisp white sheets with lace borders, completely different from our room.....

Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas where ever you are.

xx Gabi

Friday 16 December 2011

Who said Dens were just for kids?

I am in love with this adult den with handmade blankets, it has inspired me.

Some one to share your den with

Adult Den in a loft

An awesome den in a tree house

Another tree house den

A romantic grown up fort

A garden den

Beautiful mosquito net canopy den
Bohemian Canopy bed

Heaven !

Not actually a den, but I just love that film (and that dress)

I love the den in the Royal Tenenbaums
Do you ever wish you could build a den like you did when you were little? A hide away where the outside world could not get in? I would love one like in the Royal Tenenbaums but maybe a more grown up version might be a little bit more acceptable at my age.

p.s. Any of you lucky enough to be in or around Melborne this Saturday and looking for some stunning Christmas treats ( suzani cushions, Karen tribe pillows, Moroccan wedding blankets, Indian necklaces) from around the world check out Gypsy Rivers open day. I am totally bummed that I can't go.

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Earthship for sale

This stunning hand built earthship, eco-home is for sale

Want to own your very own blog famous Earthship? This stunning home was custom built and includes four acres of land set in a peaceful and remote area....... sadly my nursing qualification isn't transferable to America.

Inside the earthship
Earthship at night 
Stunning Wooden Earthship bedroom
Earthship sitting room
If you are interested in buying this beautiful earthship from the Earthage blogger, then the email adress is on the above flyer. For more images of this stunning home visit here

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Creating a relaxing bohemian room Pt. 2 Moroccan Pouffes...

To create instant bohemian glamour and style to your home try adding a Moroccan pouffe, this beautiful battered one looks great on a kilim rug
Moroccan pouffe and Silver trays
Morocan Medina

Bohemian interior - Moroccan pouffe teamed with luxury velvet throws adds instant bohemian glamour
Morroccan pouffe and Morrocan wedding blanket (available from the Glorious Gypsy River)
Moroccan Leather Pouffes from a selection at Grahame and green

Moroccan pouffes are another way to add a bohemian element to your home. Perfect for using as a tables with a silver tray balanced on top, as foot-rests or just as pure decoration. A simple google search will throw up plenty of results but shops like Grahame and Green and Anthopologie will sell and deliver world wide. Other specialist online stores such as Moroccan Bazaar and Moroccan decor also sell them and of course there is the always handy ebay and etsy for the bargains and one offs.

Pouffe with silver tray used as a table

Monday 12 December 2011

Creating a bohemian bedroom.. Pt 1. Lighting

The Astrostarlight projection kit -For the romantic bohemian that loves to lie under the stars.
A make it yourself lamp - flimsy with bad reviews on Amazon but I personally think this was one of my best ever purchases. I love it!!!!

For creating a chilled out bohemian Interior - Habitat's wonderful Moon lamps designed by Buzz Aldridge

Moroccan style lanterns like this one from Grahame and Green - Casablanca Tyre Lamp give a Bohemian glow and create patterns on the wall
These bohemian Handmade lampshades with dried leaves could be made easily

Create a romantic bohemian mood :Bohemian lighting: Fairy Lights
The ultimate source of  bohemian moon lighting - The candle

 It doesn't matter what colour the walls or how many beautiful furnishings you have if a room is too bright or too dingy it wont help you achieve the chilled out vibe you are looking for. Lighting can be used to great effect to improve not only the look of a room but also your mood.

Light therapy has been used for centuries and many ancient cultures practised various forms of 'heliotherapy', including Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome. The Inca, Assyrian and early German settlers also worshipped the sun as a health bringing deity.

I am a big fan of candle light, I swear the world seems like such a better place without any electrical interference. I am a big fan of power cuts :)

If you love the vintage look I thoroughly suggest you check out Goldstone Studios beautiful vintage lamps. They are just stunning!!

Friday 9 December 2011

Decorated Indian Mud huts

Indian painted mud hut decorated with Henna style paintings on the wall

Indian painted mud hut

Mandawa, India
Detail in a Bhunga Home India - via artnlight

Bhunga Home India -Via Artnlight
Bhunga Home India - Via Artnlight

 Following on from the cob homes post.... I have for a long time loved the top two images but never been able to find a reliable source on tumblr or pintrest etc.. which is such a pain as I would love to know more about these beautiful creative homes.

However, on my quest to find out more I came across so many beautiful painted mud homes from all over the world. The bottom two are from the Bhunga tribe in India, who decorate their mud homes with paint, raised mud and mirrors, aren't they stunning!

p.s if any one knows more about the top two please let me know :)

edit. Monica from the awesome blog bohemian Twilight has said the top two are probably from the book Indian Interiors. Thank you Monica xxxBhunga Home