Wednesday 29 April 2015

The 'Cabin in a Loft' of... Terri and Adam

I have seen images of Terri and Adams 'Cabin in a loft' floating around the internet for a while but only today have I found a link to their Tumblr account to see a full set of images.

This beautiful studio apartment in Brooklyn was converted by the Chiaozza shop owners  into a treehouse-esque cabin in a loft for only $2,000. The apartment features furniture made by the couple, rugs from travels to Morocco and copious amounts of houseplants in crazy ass planters... dreamy!

IMages from tumblr and Racked

Monday 27 April 2015

St Werbergs City Farm Cafe, Bristol

Poppy Stained Glass in St Werbergs City Farm Cafe
Handmade Pickles and preserves
My little Alex enjoying Marmite on Sourdough Toast
St Werbergs City Farm Cafe

This is a bit of an impromptu post so I am afraid the photos are not the best quality (had trouble getting them off instagram) but I thought it was about time I showed off some of the beautiful places I visit in my home city Bristol, England..... this morning I was at St Werbergs cafe and the inspiration hit me to snap a few photos of my favorite cafe...

St Werbergs Farm cafe is one of my all time favorites. St Werbergs City Farm cafe is a 5 minute walk from my house and is accessible by a small cycle path that passes through allotments and a nature walk. It is such a beautiful walk that feels like being in the countryside, even through it is in the center of one of Englands big cities.

The cafe is a hobbit-esque building with handmade windows, countertops and tables, a newly added wood burning stove, hanging plants, batik print upholstery, hanging plants, lovely staff and the most beautiful shaggy dog.... The food is super awesome as well, with many of the fresh ingredients coming from the farm and its lands, and served in  St Werbergs Local Steve Carter's own pottery!!

Not only is the Cafe pretty awesome but over the road is the City Farm itself, I take Alex there now but have been going there for 10 years.... I have a bit of a thing for Goats... I would love one :)

Saturday 25 April 2015

Botanical Wall Paper...

Hand Painted Indian Wall Paper

Cole and Son Palm Wallpaper
botanical wall mural | Suzanne McGrath Design
Josef Frank WallPaper
Pauline de Rothschild by Horst P. Horst.
My parents are big wallpaper enthusiasts. They have huge crazy patterned walls with flowers and birds and wonderful matching paintwork.... it is such a massive contrast to the white walls in my little house. Although I love the idea of beautiful swirling patterns I am afraid I am not brave enough!

What do you think?

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Guide to Chakras...

It is coming to the end of my eBay guides now and I have really enjoyed writing them. The second to last in the series is a short beginners guide to Chakras. I regularly complete a chakra meditation which I find helps me immensely.

To view my guide visit here...

Monday 20 April 2015

Current Obsession: Kneeland and Mercado Rugs

Kneeland Mercado rug
Joanna williams' Rug on her  Iconic Togo chair

@sparkleandsoul 's Kneeland and Mercado Loop Rug

Kneeland Co Rug
These beautiful loop rugs are from Kneeland and Mercado and are so dreamy aren't they? I first saw one in the extreamly beautiful Home of John and Hannah, from The General Store and fell in love.

I would love to get out of bed and feel one of these beautiful rugs under my feet, wouldnt you ?

Kneeland and Mercado Rugs are available via their website here.

The Home of Hannah and John From The General Store

Saturday 18 April 2015

A Book Worms Dream : Reading Spaces....

Turquoise sitting room with Library
Reading Area
English Decoration by Ben Pentreath

Reading Room

I would love my own little reading nook .... wouldn't you?

All the images I have chosen are so eclectic, so full of 'stuff' and character. To me they are warm and cosy an womb like. They remind me of a comment I had once that said

        "I like all the rooms you post, but I could never be a bohemian.....there is so much stuff..... 
how do you dust?"

Monday 13 April 2015

Ball Pendant Lights....

What could be more perfect?
Peter Aldrington
Rattan Pendant light

The Eames House
Rice lamp

Ball Pendant Lights.... I love them!

Every room in my house (but my entrance hall) has one! Large paper (Rice) or rattan balls grace every ceiling.... Even little Alex has a Habitiat MoonBuzz Light.

To me they resemble the Moon in the night sky, and I just love their simplicity... the fact that they are ridiculously cheap is just a bonus!

What do you recon? Love them or remind you of being a Student?

Sunday 12 April 2015

Kitchen: DIY Branch Pot Hanger

Photography : Carolyn and Jaden of Woodnote Photography and featured in Kinfolk magazine
If you are looking for a beautiful yet cheap update to your kitchen why not try making this branch pot hanger. It couldn't be cheaper to make...... some thick rope and a branch is really all you need..... The trickiest bit will be trying to find the perfect branch!

It is the perfect place to show off your pots and pans and dry some herbs.

Wednesday 8 April 2015

The Eclectic Home of Aurora James

This beautiful New York apartment is the home of Aurora James. I love the mix of a Hippie/ bohemian vibe with Mid century modern elements and textiles from across the world.... totally rocking the eclectic look!

To see the full interview and more images of Aurora's home visit Into the Gloss

p.s Thank you everyone for your support and kinds words on my second to last post. I actually feel a lot better and more relaxed. Maybe i just needed to put it out there