Thursday 30 July 2015

Current Obsession: Penguin Classics......

Collection: Penguin Classics: Beautiful Vintage Books

I love books organised by colour. I am dyslexic and trying to figure out where a book comes alphabetically is embarrassingly hard work.... i never forget the colour of the jacket!!

Penguin classics did it first.....

Penguin revolutionized the printing press in the 1930's by cheaply producing books by only using a simple three band design. Each of the separate colour covers represents a different genre...

Sunday 26 July 2015

The Bohemian, Jewel Toned Home of.... Pippa Small

I love this wonderful bohemian jewel tone home of Jewelery designer Pippa Small. The two bedroom London apartment was a clinical white when Pippa moved in but she loved the place because of its sense of space and along with friend Gail Arnold, she set about transforming the place into the colorful home it is today.

On her travels for inspiration Pippa had built up a large collection of paintings, trinkets and textiles which she found worked perfectly with the bright coloured walls.

My favorite room is the sitting room, i love that blue/violet wall and that huge Indian painting. Such a dreamy exotic apartment.... would certainly cheer up a rainy British day!!

To see more images please visit The Interior Stylist

Saturday 25 July 2015

Vintage Rattan Toddler Beds....

Rattan Vintage Bed via Elle Deco

Rattan Toddler Bed used as a day bed in the home of blogger SF Girl by the bay

Rattan Toddler Bed: Elle Maison
Vintage Rattan Toddler bed

Rattan Toddler Bed from 16:15
Vintage Rattan Toddler Bed

Over the last year Alex has already had 3 beds... the Moses Basket, my bed and now currently a cot. He is however a massive baby, towering over toddlers twice his age and his lovely cot is quickly becoming less roomy than it was.

So i am on the search for a toddler bed. Like all our other furniture i want it to be second hand so I have been scanning eBay, Etsy and Gum Tree (the UK's CraigsList) to find a beautiful bed for my little man....

Currently topping the list is one of these beautiful rattan beds, they come in a range of sizes and would be perfect...... such a shame they are so hard to come across at a decent price

Sunday 19 July 2015

The Buenos Aires Home of Patricia

 This beautiful Workshop and home is situated in the Lomas de San Isidro, Province of Buenos Aires and is owned by furniture restorer Patricia. When Patricia brought the home it was very minimal and painted white, in the 7 years she has lived in the house she has transformed the house into a beautiful colourful haven, with splendid jungle gardens!!

So dreamy!!

To see more images and the original article visit Casa chaucha

Thursday 16 July 2015

Kids Bedrooms: Embracing Colour....

Kids rooms: Embrace the colour
Kids Bedrooms: Embrace Colour... lego storage and Vintage bedding

Colourful handmade quilt and Gorgeous Sausage Dog painting
I love that Racoon and Heico Toadstool lamp

Love the Giant painting
Colorful nursery/ kids room

Since having Alex the one thing I have found myself a little unprepared for is the gradual injection of colour that has been slowly taking over my previously warm muted toned house. At first i did well to contain the ever growing mass of bricks, blocks and toy phones, but now I am learning to embrace it...... my bohemian earthy toned hippie pad can wait till my 60's!!

Colour doesn't have to mean you give into plastic matter that will be clogging up the landfill in centuries to come, there are some beautiful toys available that will brighten up your little Monkies life, without literally costing the Earth....

So Below is a little selection of my favorite Colorful toys for girls and boys :-)

1) Balthazar knitted doll by LuckyBoySunday available at Pippa and Ike
2) Grimm's 6 piece Rainbow, available from Little acorns to mighty oaks
3) Tiger Wheely Bug available from Born
4) Wooden nesting dolls by Helen Dardik, available from Pippa and Ike
5) Heico large Mushroom lamp (yes this is plastic) available from Petit home
6) The Noisy Book by Soledad Bravi (Alex's absolute favourite)
7) Heirloom Bear Blanket by Roxy Marj

Tuesday 14 July 2015

For the love of Orchids....

To be honest I have always been a little weary of Orchids. They have always seemed so delicate and exotic, I was sure that they were the kind of plant that I would inevitably kill..... and then feel very guilty about for a while.....but it turns out I was wrong.

I have never brought myself an orchid, just admired them from a distance. However a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by and asked if i would like to be sent a few orchids to take pictures of for Moon to Moon.... Well of course was my answer... the perfect chance to give Orchid mothering a go...

So I was sent a number of Orchids a couple of weeks ago and after reading about basic Orchid care online they are still alive, and with flowers!!

So here is what I have learnt....

Orchid Basics...

As far as I can see the most important step in orchid care is choosing the right Orchid for your home.

The two I have photographed above are called Phalaenopsis, often referred to as moth orchids, these are elegant orchids for indoor use. Their long sprays of colorful flowers stay fresh for months. Flowering begins in winter or early spring. This orchid generally needs less light than other types of Orchid and does well in most indoor conditions.

  • Keep these almost dry between watering, 
  • You can submerge the roots in water but don't leave them there, make sure any excess has drained before putting back in the plant pot
  • Try not to get the leaves wet , dry with a cloth if you do
You can buy commercially made Orchid food which is what I did, I am sure there are some great non-chemical orchid foods out there but at this stage in my self-doubting orchid mama role I just did the easy thing

Maintaining the Blooms
 Peak blooming time starts from late winter, primarily February and March in the northern hemisphere. Blooms normally last from four to twelve weeks.
  • When the blooms fade, cut off the spike 1/2 inch (12mm) above where it projects from the foliage. 
  • Trim off any dead leaves and tissue, including old flower stems, old leaves, anything rotting, dead roots, etc.
Pruning and care
Don't prune an orchid like a shrub. If you cut part of an orchid leaf, the rest of the leaf may die, and cutting into a live pseudobulb will severely damage your orchid.

Other tips....

The ice Cube trick..... This is one I am going to try...

Apparently you can just add three ice cubes once a week and that will be enough to ensure your Orchid has enough water....

Give Away
If you live on the mainland of the UK and would like to try an Orchid then please comment below and I will choose one commenter on Friday and send them an Orchid

Also if you have any trips or tricks to share please comment below also, I wouldlove to know how you care for your orchids...

Friday 10 July 2015

Happy Hanging House Plants

Now those are some happy hanging house plants aren't they?

I have never really had the knack with hanging house plants but about 2 months ago (on the day I found out I got my new job) I brought myself a really beautiful new celebratory plant and she is thriving... in fact to my surprise maybe too much!

If she grows anymore I don't know where to put her.... Do I snip her beautiful long tendrils or trail her around the tiny bathroom she lives in>

What do you guys do? Do you snip or trail ?

Thursday 9 July 2015

The Home of Sarah and Matthew

 I really like this Australian home. Although minimal I really like the eclectic elements that Murphy and daughters owner Sarah and film director Matthew have brought into their home. Many of the global treasures are pieces Sarah picked up on her travels in Italy, Mexico, Spain and France whilst previously working for World Market.

I love the white walls and consistent but subtle use of green and red hues, and i especially love the 180 degree windowed dining area.... oh and of course the porch area... sadly here in the UK porches are very under-needed :(

 To see more of this beautiful home visit  The Design Files