Sunday 29 April 2012

The home of blogger Chicwolfgirl ...

Chicwolfgirl, such a beautiful bohemian Home

The simple and stylish sitting room of Chicwolfgirl

I love this raw wooden tray and candles

Cosy Kilim Corner

Kilim cushions

Cosy corner, Bohemian Kilim, Dream catcher and candles 


Kurt Cobain and pine desk

Kilim, Candles and a Pug :)

Kilim, sheepskin and that awesome wooden table tray!

The Stunning Chicwolfgirl, love everything about that outfit!!

I have been kinda addicted to Chicwolfgirl blog and tumblr for a couple of Weeks (Since deleted her accounts). Sadly I can't understand the language but the photos are enough to keep me scrolling.

I am totally in love with her beautiful bedroom/ sitting room. What I really love about this room is that it is really simple and uncluttered. Every item is just really good quality and works perfectly together. Check out all those beautiful Kilim cushions and ottomans!

If you would love to create a similar style check out Bohemia for some beautiful Moroccan Kilim ottomans and a simple etsy search will throw up a plethora of stunning Kilim Cushions/pillows. I picked up a similar ratan stool from Ikea.

Friday 27 April 2012

The home of: Alexandra Valenti

Bohemian Home: Tiled sink and vintage glass bottles

Bohemian style interior: Wow! Stacked books

Alexandra Valenti : Necklaces

Candles, Tibetan Prayer flags and Moroccan lantern

Beautiful bohemian sitting room
Alexandra Valenti: mexican throw

Alexandra Valenti is the talented Austin photographer behind numerous Sisters of the black Moon photo shoots as well as working with Heyoka Leather and shooting for Free people. One look at her web site and you will recognise tons of her photos that have done the rounds on tumblr and pintrest.

Alexndra's pictures of her home were originally posted on the free people blog and I just had to share with you. Her bohemian home is so beautiful, I just love that kitchen! However , all though they look great, those stacked books would just be a disaster waiting to happen in my house as I am so very clumsy.

Hope you all have a great weekend...

xxx gabi xxx

Thursday 26 April 2012

Score and Solder Terrarium and planters...

Stunning handmade Terrarium from Score and Solder

Handmade terrariums from Score and Solder

Handmade Terrariums from Score and Solder

I love the hanging Terrariums and the crystal hanging from the one on the right

About 3 months ago I forgot to bid on a beautiful terrarium on ebay and have been so annoyed with myself ever since. I have been collecting a few images on my pinterest account for a while now and although I was looking for a vintage bargain I have fallen in Love with these beautiful Terrarium and planters from Canadian Terrarium maker Score and Solder. I have totally fallen for the suspended teardrop (below) and am so tempted to splash out and buy myself one as a moving in present.

Score and Solder Terrarium - Image from Wit and Whistle

Wednesday 25 April 2012

The rather elegant home of Tarajia Morrell....

Lovely Sepia Toned books.... p.s that Jamie at home book is  beyond wonderful

Loving that grass green sofa!


I am pretty obsessed with Style like U. I just find it so enthralling listening to people talk about their clothes and homes, I am genuinely so interested in peoples lives and stories (I guess that is also why I love nursing). I can really relate to a number of the guests but others are just so different from me and it is those guys that I like listening to.

I have picked the home of  Tarajia Morrell ,owner of fab food blog the Lovage ,to share as it is just so elegant in a way that clumsy old me could never be. That dressing table top is so glam and I just love that beautiful vintage sparkly dress.  Make sure you check out the video found here.

Are there any good interior or design blogs that you guys are currently obsessed with? Let me know as I am starting to build up a good links roll below.

xxx Gabi xxx

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Bright and Bold Bohemian Sofas ....

Bright and Bold multi coloured Suzani Cushions add a bit of Spice to a plain coloured room
 by Martyn Lawrence
The green sofa and the orange flowers add a touch of colour to this Moroccan inspired interior
Bright bold Turqouise sofa
Mellow Yellow sofa, Stylist Twig Hutchinson
Things are still moving forward (slowly) with the purchase of my house. The house is actually in a nice condition and has been decorated well which, although you might think is a bonus but I was looking forward to a bit of a project (ha ha I am never happy).

I have been thinking of ways to add a bit of personality to the whiter than white sitting room and a bright and bold sofa or throw is looking like a good option. I have always wanted a green velvet chesterfield so i am keeping my ebay eyes open for a bargain.

What do you guys think? Bright and bold or neutral and relaxed?

On a totally separate matter I just wanted to say congratulations to my lovely Blogging buddies (and moon to moon sponsors) Lizzy and Spelly ( aka Spell Designs) for getting their stunning bags snapped up by Free People... Woo hoo!!! 

Friday 20 April 2012

Interieurs d'haiti

I love finding new blogs to inspire me, My latest find is 'Introducing New Worlds With a shrug', a really cool blog that has found a permanent slot on my blog roll after a post on how to make your own breastplate necklace, being obsessed with jewellery I have to give this a go....

Today these beautiful pictures of bohemian interiors showed up on the blog and I just had to reblog . They are from the book Interieurs d'Haiti by Marie-Louise Fouchard and Roberto Stephenson, aren't they fabulous? I am in love with that top room, I love velvet !

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Fabulous Tiles ....

The beautiful tiles add a would add a sense of the fabulous to any kitchen

Beautiful bohemian vintage tiles

Copper pot, tiles and baby blue sink

Beautiful hand painted tiles
I have surprised myself by loving these Mirror tiles

After years of renting and moving from house to house I have finally had an offer on a house accepted.....Eeek!

I am trying not to get my hopes up as there is so much that can go wrong, but.......... being a bit obsessed with interiors (don't know if you have noticed) I have of course spent a fair bit of time dreaming about removing the vile bathroom tiles currently in place and replacing them with something a little more exciting.

Nice tiles are so expensive, to cover a whole room or area would cost me a fortune that sadly i don't have however a small area over a sink (as below) or even a beautiful tile border surrounding cheaper plain tiles is a little more affordable.

A simple internet search will bring up some great links to a variety of tile shops. I have been drooling over fired earth!!

Sunday 15 April 2012

Over the top wallpaper ideas....

Beautiful navajo print style wallpaper
Entire novel written on the walls of abandoned home
I always wanted a desert island/tropical beech wall
Wallpaper at Peacock Pavillions
Matching wallpaper, cushion and couch
When I was younger we went to Ross-on-wye and stayed in this awesome holiday cottage that had a tropical beech wall like the one above, having never seen one before, and being 10, I was convinced this was the coolest thing ever!

It is so easy to paint your walls white and use the accessories in your home to add that 'signature' look or theme. I can see the attraction of white walls as it is a bit safer, however coming from a Laura Ashley wallpaper upbringing and being in the proceeds of buying my first house (eeeek!) I have begun thinking that maybe wallpaper might be a nice change from the mundane white rental home walls. Well just for one room maybe......

What do you guys think?

(As I mentioned as I am hopefully buying a house, I may be on here a lot more, trying to calm the nerves)

Happy Sunday xxx GAbi xxx