Wednesday 15 November 2017

The home of: Portland Tiny home of Coralie Hews

Wooden kitchen in Coralie's Tiny Portland home

Mmmmm, there is something so soothing about a wooden cabin.......the warmth of the wood and that amazing rich smell. Okay....... so i haven't personally visited this cabin but looking at the photos I can totally smell it and feel it :)

This tiny 250 square feet cabin in Portland is the home of Coralie Hews and was found via Apartment therapy. In the sea of white interiors around at the moment this one really stood out. Coralie rents the small cabin (originally an airbnb rental) off the owner who lives in the main house, and whom she shares the main house bathroom with.

 Although the whole cabin is beautiful my favorite nook is definitely the kitchen, so simple and homely and lacking that generic sterile mass produced kitchen vibe.... the perfect kitchen to make some soup in your undies whilst dancing to a bit of Led Zep :)

To see more of this beautiful home and read the interview visit Apartment therapy here

Original article and photography by Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom

Sunday 5 November 2017

Sunday Ceramics : Moon Mug by Easy to Breathe

Easy to Breathe : Moon Mug

I love this simple but stunning 'Moon Mug' from Easy To Breathe.... and what a perfect size!!

"Moon mug embraces the celebration of our full moon. Two moons are left un-glazed on each side, exposing it's raw clay body."

Each piece is unique and handmade to order via Easy To Breathe

Thursday 2 November 2017

Inspired by ..... Crystal Palace series by Kristina Sosarko

Inspired by......

I found the above image a while ago on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with not only its simplicity but also the mixture of woods and that stunning painting/print on the wall.

I have been looking for similar artwork ever since and recently stumbled upon the below print 'Crystal Palace no 1' from Inalux. 

"Part of a collection spanning the last four years of black paintings, the Crystal Palace designs are created by Kristina Sostarko. Each design in the series was painted in gouache or ink, and now available as a fine art archival print. While the prints appear black and white, the base is a soft shade of creamy peach."