Monday 30 March 2020

Under the Oak :A converted Wagon in Wales

Under the Oak : Convertion in wales . Photo by Iris Thorsteinsdottir

As Wagon conversions go this one is pretty epic! Not only that but it is near my parents in Powis. The best news is the stunning conversion is available for short rentals via Canopy and Stars (this is not a paid post , just throught it would be of interest), the perfect place to retreat in all this current madness..... wht do you think?

 The railway wagon was used for many years for nothing more than storage. Fittingly, it now houses a collection of weird and wonderful objects that Jim has collected on his travels round the world as a cameraman. Now that both the wagon and the owners have settled a little, the transformation from railway carriage to living space has been completed.

A full length glazed wall gives lovely views out to the commons and a 6ft 6” square bed invites you to spread out. The wagon’s original ironwork has been used to make some of the fittings and the dark wood, also remaining from the original construction, gives a lovely rich feel. The wagon has gas hobs, a camping toaster and a Weber BBQ, plus a firepit and log seats outdoors. The washing up sink, prep area, fridge and other another gas ring are outside, undercover at the end of the wagon.
Under the Oak is tucked between two barns and screened by trees from Jim and Jude’s other project, Under the Ash, a converted showman’s wagon. Each have their own private compost loo and share a hot gas-powered shower, which are about 10 yards from both spaces. Although they are quite close together and near the cottage, every effort has been taken to give them their own areas and Jim & Jude’s friends have been enjoying staying there for years.

Under the Oak : Convertion in wales . Photo by Iris Thorsteinsdottir

Under the Oak: Conversion in Wales

Under the Oak: Photos via canopy and Stars

Friday 27 March 2020

Gratitude Lists and the small details

Gratitude lists and the small details: Toadstool door Knocker via Instagram

Okay so I am not going to lie, since my last post I have been caught up in a bit of an existensial funk......... and after promising to post more havent really been in the headspace to do so....

 When everything is ticking along nicely I float from my little family to college , work to outdoor spaces, cups of tea in cafes to the Buddhist centre to mooching around charity shops (thrift stores). Its not very exciting but simplicty works for me and keeps my mind steady.
Small deatils, Star door handles

Now the rug has been removed, like everyone else I have become a little unsteady..... and for a little while abadndoned (or forgot) my tools to calm my mind. Maybe I just needed time to ruminate, think of poor outcomes for my loved ones and worse case scenarios at work (a nurse in the hospital) they could be released, captured and analysed, labelled, passified and then put safely in a box and stored.

Turn... photo by Liz Glass on Flickr

I am at the passified stage right now.......making the desent down from the clouds. Spring is in the air and new life is budding, I have my happy, bouncy, sensitive little boy home for the foreseeable, which feels like such a luxury..... building dens in the trampoline and cuddling up with a book under a blanket is pure heaven. The little fruits on my citrus tree are turning orange. The skys are clear without the airplanes flying in and out of Bristol airport. I have some wonderful friends.... and have discovered Zoom and Skype........

Moon door handle

Simply........ it is all in the details. It is the small moments that matter, the little wins. The sunshine pouring in through the gap in the curtains , the autumn turning the leaves warm orange and the sound of stepping on the crispy frost on the grass. I am so glad I am rembered. So grateful for......well..... gratitude lists.
Doorbells :) via tumblr

I would love to hear some of your gratitudes, either on here or on Instagram, if you would share...
Little bells
Antique Greyhound door handle
Mid Centuary Doorplate

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Inspiration..... Small Gardens and potted plants

Beautiful Small gravel garden with potted plants

So the world has got a little intense but as a hospital worker and mother my two main aims for the up coming months are to keep myself grounded and healthy and to protect my son from too much anxiety. But I also really am feeling the need to return to Moon to Moon to post some beautiful relaxing natural homes and gardens...... to create my own little pocket of the internet that is free from anxities.... I hope you will join me ;)
Potted plants for a small Natural garden

Todays post is inspired by my need to design my garden around a pesky (massive understatement) bamboo problem meaning grass is sadly out of the remembering the beautiful gravel garden in the top photo a gravel based garden it is!! Im thinking gravel, potted plants, a compost heap and potentially a raised pond are the way forward for my tiny city garden, bringing in wildlife whilst remainng functional.... the ultimate place to chill....woo hoo!

What do you think?

Curved lines giving this small garden the illusion of more depth

A beautiful cement water feature

I love the use of ferns to create a tropical effect in this small garden
Terrecota pots, timeless classic
Jeffrey Bale Garden Design see more here