Tuesday 31 October 2017

Jungle Blanket from BFGF

Totally in love with this "Jungle ' Blanket from BFGF... this 51 x 73 inch woven blanket would look so good above my bed.... or my sofa... cant decide which I would go for.

You can find BFGF via their website here or on instagram

Sunday 29 October 2017

Sunday Ceramics: Zabriskie Point by Sherise Lee

Zabriskie Point Mug made by Sherise Lee available at The Radder

These mugs!!!!

Zabriskie Point hand made mugs by The Radder's Sherise Lee

"Inspired by the layered desert landscape of Death Valley's Zabriskie Point, this mug is wheel-thrown with mixed high-fire clays, dipped in food-safe glaze and hand painted with matte metallic gold. Fired three times, this stoneware mug is ready for your favorite brew. Each one has slight variations due to it's hand made nature."

Currently out of stock but shop to soon be updated in the next couple of months....

This is the first in the new series of 'Sunday Ceramics' posts showcasing the work of potters/ceramic artists from around the world. If you have any favorite (or are a) potters/ceramic artists that you would like to see the work of please leave a comment below or email me at moontomoon@live.co.uk

Friday 27 October 2017

Jessica Agnew's hand beaded earrings

The Hand beaded earrings of Jessica Agnew

I have been following Jessica Agnew on Instagram for a couple of years. One of my insta-girl crushes since i discovered her via her interview with the wonderful Golddust collective. I had known of her as a potter and a musician but all of a sudden I became aware of her beautiful beaded earrings and it has been so great to see such a special persons work become really popular.

Now these stunning pieces are selling like hotcakes, and it is so much deserved but you have to be quick to get your hands on a pair.....

Jessica's work can be found via her webpage Canyon and the Creek and more regular updates can be found via her Instagram page @Jessica.lynne_

Mountain Rain

Thursday 26 October 2017

Moon to Moon

Moon to Moon : Smudge Sticks by Catherine Rising

So I have been absent on and off for a while. Work, motherhood, infertility have all been contributing factors..... life can be really fucking intense!!! Whilst caught in the intensity it can be so hard to take a step back and remember who you are, make time for looking after yourself and forget the importance of the things you enjoy doing just because.

Plants are magic magazine ... issue 2 out now... get yours here

Many times over the last few months I have sat here staring at the computer and thought "today i will compile a blog post" but the inspiration just wouldn't come. I would look at picture after picture of beautiful homes but began to feel nothing. Totally caught in a rut. I have toyed  for months with the idea of making Moon to Moon more of a lifestyle blog but been scared by the idea that readers come here for interiors and would no longer come here if it changed...... but actually (as much as i totally appreciate the loyalty of my magnificent readers) it is my place to come and chill. My mood board created initially to help me get through the stress of my nurse training.

Fentimans & Bloom's Gin and Rose Lemonade

This will never be a proper lifestyle blog. You aren't going to hear the ins and outs of my life, see pictures of my son modeling big brands, or cheesy images me endorsing hoovers etc... but I am going to share more of the beautiful things that I find along the way that I want to share and remember. Independent labels, handmade, homemade and thrifty finds.

On this post are some of the images I have shared on Instagram over the last few months of items that I have enjoyed or spotted :)

The 2018 Almanac by Lia Leendertz

 Mama DG's Universal Organic Skin Salve - Any fellow nurses will understand the necessity of a good hand cream/salve

 .....there will be more homes soon I promise

Thank you to those of you who have messaged and keep coming back

xx Gabi xx