Thursday 28 February 2013

Art Luna Garden

Art Luna Garden
Art Luna Garden

Art Luna Garden : Crystal Posts!!
Art Luna Garden
Art Luna Garden
Art Luna Garden

Hibernation season is finally coming to an end....The Snowdrops and Daffodils are showing their pretty little faces and soon, my favourite, the Magnolia will flower marking the end of a rather miserable winter here in England.

I finally have my own modest plot of land and I have begun planning and researching my jungle garden, although on my budget it may be a good few years in the making. I am thinking large towering ferns, caster oil,  rhus, and Melianthus, with plenty of purple alium and hellebore.... heaven.

....My inspiration so far is the wonderful gardens designed by Bel Air garden designer  Art Luna Garden whose philosophy
"Structure first flowers second" 

really resonated with me, I have never been a primrose kinda girl. I love these stunning gardens with huge towering yukka and low level Acer's and the use of massive crystals on the garden posts is just awesome!

So inspired

A cheesy picture of Art :)

Wednesday 27 February 2013

The art studio / home of ... Fia Cielen

The beautiful bohemian artist studio and Home of Fia Cielen, Antwerp

This beautiful bohemian, eclectic, artist studio is also the home of Antwerp Artist Fia Cielen, that I found over at Eefje de Coninck, a blog dedicated to the homes of artists. Here is the interview to accompany the images

* What do you like the most about your home?

The space! My father bought this huge building some years ago and he lets me live here. We used to organize concerts and exhibitions here. My brother will move here too and I really like that I have my family close by, but there's still enough room to have your own private space.

Does your work as an artist shine through in your interior?

Yes, it sure does, I work a lot with natural aspects in my work. Nature inspires me and it's nice to have it all around me. So I try to integrate it in my interior.

What would you like to change about the house?
Nothing much actually, the only thing I wish is that the works on the house would already be finished, but that will take probably a year or two still.

Sunday 24 February 2013

Crystal Visions..

Crystal ball
Quartz crystal necklace by Lonely Moonchild
Quartz crystals
Quartz Crystals
Clear Quartz Crystal
Quartz on an alter: Ally Sands from Aquarian Soul
Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or not you have to admire the beauty of Clear Quartz. So Pretty :)

Saturday 23 February 2013

Sponsorship for March ...

Mick Jagger

If you have an independent business, are an artist or have a blog and would be interested in sponsoring/advertising on Moon to Moon for March please send me an email (including a link to your site) to or visit my sponsorship page here for more details

xx Gabi xx

Thursday 21 February 2013

Kitchen Details...On the Hob..

Pretty Colorful flags: Kitchen hob from Gingerbread house via Introducing new worlds
Coffee and Tea: Image by Alicia on Flickr
Some beautiful Finish pans Via Vihrea Talo
Idba by More&co
Kettle/ teapot by Natalie Knows on flickr
Ford Wheeler's home in NY Times Style Magazine
It doesn't have to be Grand or Stylish. You dont have to have matching designer pans or an expensive wizzy-machine. What makes a great kitchen is born from passion, where food is made from the heart, even if it is just a crisp sandwich and a glass of Ribena...

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Peacock Bed Heads from The Family Love Tree

The Family Love Tree: White Peacock Bedhead and Kantha Quilt
Peacock bedhead
Peacock bedhead
White peacock bedhead
Orange Single Peacock Bedhead
Peacock Chair
I have just brought a new bed but if I hadn't I would be heading straight to Australian company The Family Love Tree for one of their beautiful Peacock bed heads. They are available in a range of sizes, styles and colours and for those of us happy with our beds they also make beautiful Peaock chairs and sell some gorgeous kantha quilts.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Atelier Stella Ceramics

Large HandMade Ceramic Hanging plant holder by Atelier Stella Ceramics

PLate with a face

Succulent holder

I am totally in love with this beautiful pottery from Atelier Stella Pottery. So in love I have just purchased the ceramic plant holder in the top picture. Stella has only been making and selling her quirky pottery since last summer and working a full time job alongside her pottery business means pieces are limited. More of her work is due to hit etsy early March, to check out her past pottery check out her tumblr page here.

"I trained in graphic design and illustration, moving to London 8 years ago to work as a children's book illustrator. Four years ago I started doing ceramics at an evening class and totally loved it. So this summer I decided to take the first step as a ceramic artist, I bought my own kiln, did the renegade craft fair in London and after an amazing response I haven't looked back since!

I hand build and sculpt all my work from slabs and pinch pots to create one of a kind pieces that I would love in my home - and I do have a lot! I'm influenced by Swedish and Italian potters from the 50's and 60's, mixing the rustic use of patterns with the frivolity of character. 

As I have a full time job and a small kiln I only make work in small batches. Due to this reason I can't take any custom orders at present, but will add work as I make it. Apart from the small succulent pots I rarely make the same piece twice and when I do they tend to vary in size, pattern and glaze so if you like a piece grab it while you can!"

Thursday 14 February 2013

Rituals: Incense....

Incense holder
Incense in a shell
Incense and the Dark Side of the Moon :)

Like a good cup of tea, I swear a stick of Nag Champra Incense can make everything okay. Even after a really stressful day 12 hour shift in A&E, the ritual of lighting an incense stick is enough to mark the end of work and the beginning of home life. Bliss!!

Hope everyone has had a magical valentines day xx

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Toast Homeware SS13

Toast have done it again. A beautiful collection of bedlinen, Bright colourful French Cookware, stunning block printed rugs and not to mention dreamy photography . Sadly being a mug of tea in bed kinda girl I wouldn't trust myself with white sheets but maybe that top Kantha blanket would be okay?