Sunday 27 April 2014

House Plant: String of Pearls....

Hannah watering a house plant known as String of Pearls...
House Plant: String of Pearls

After featuring the home of Hannah and John I have had numerous emails about the hanging plant in the top picture. This plant is a succulent called Senecio rowleyanus aka String of Pearls.

The good news is they are really easy to look after as long as you have a nice sunny spot in your home. I live in England and even I manage to maintain one of these beauties. They are a little tricky to get hold of, I had to get one ordered in from a florist in my area, but they are really worth the effort as they look great..

String of Pearls

Friday 25 April 2014

The Home of... Architect Lukáš Kordík

The Apartment of architect Lukáš Kordík

I love this renovated 48 m2 apartment of architect Lukáš Kordík of GutGut architects. Proof that plain white with just a hint of colour can really work and doesn't have to be boring. What I also like about this place is that it is not over-styled, you can actually imagine living there... but maybe with a curtain between the bed area and sitting room...

Thursday 24 April 2014

Meet the Sponsors...

Every Month Moon to Moon has a lovely selection of sponsors hand picked from emails every month requesting a Slot. Many of them are from large corporations and high street chains, that I do not feel reflect Moon to Moon or its readers interests. So I turn down the larger companies to highlight the smaller businesses who I feel comfortable and proud to work with....

I am extremely grateful to all the sponsors, long and short term that have supported Moon to Moon, and so have decided to start a monthly post, highlighting these wonderful artists and small businesses that I am proud to work with.....

Beyond Marrakesh 

Beyond Marrakesh is a small company based outside of Marrakesh and run by the wonderfully lovely Danielle. Beyond Marrakesh is my longest standing sponsor and I have seen Danielle's beautiful shop and stunning Guest House (check it out here) develop. I have the most beautiful Handira from Danielle's and even my boyfriend is obsessed.... the warmest winter blanket ever!!!

Wedding blankets, a vast selection of beautiful Moroccan pouffes and Beni Ourain rugs make Beyond Marrakesh a one stop shop for beautiful Moroccan goodies....

Soul Makes

Soul Makes is another small business that has been a Moon to Moon Sponsor for the best part of 2013. I first became obsessed with Soul Makes after receiving a stunning Jasper necklace from the talented maker Mac back in Spring. I wear it everywhere and get so many comments on it!!
My current love and dream list item is their beautiful Night Hawk necklace .... Swoon!!
Cosmic Bath and Beauty

Cosmic Bath and Beauty is a small etsy shop that is run by the talented Michelle. Michelle hand makes all the beautiful, affordable, natural products in the shop and has grown quite a collection. 
Island Coconut body Butter is currently the product at the top of my wish list.....yum...
La Vie Boheme

  la Vie Boheme jewelery is another independent shop owned by jewelery maker  and all round design talent Alice. I selected Alice's shop as I love the romantic, antique feel of her jewelery.... being a total long earring fan i love her beautiful intricate earrings...

Uchizono Gallery
Last but by no means last is Uchizono Gallery.  Uchizono has become a bit of an obsession of mine recently, Shop owner Rachel really has the most beautiful collection of jewellery including a drool worthy collection of vintage Squash blossom necklaces. Check out the gallery here... but we warned you will be there for hours!!

If you would like to be a sponsor of Moon To Moon and feature in the next 'Meet the Sponsors' post, then email me at

Sunday 20 April 2014

The Home of... Hannah and John...

I love this selection of Photographs from Kinfolks 11th issue. This Venice Beech home is lived in by Hannah and John and their children and really looks like such a warm, friendly place! I love the abundance of natural light and organic furniture.. and even the breeze block walls look good!!

Hannah and John run the Venice Beach branch of General Store an equally beautiful shop that has the most enviable triangle bookcases and natural home wears...

Wishing you all a Happy Easter with Plenty of yummy chocolate :)

Photography by We are the Rhodes

Sunday Vinyl....

Sunday Vinyl: Chloe from SugarHigh LoveStoned
Sunday Vinyl: Shirley Kurata's space age record player
Sunday Vinyl: Via A Cup Full of Sunshine

Sunday is Vinyl day..... This week it's Axis Bold as Love and In a Silent Way.... Bliss!!!

Saturday 19 April 2014

In the shadow of Freud's couch

Mark Gerald: In the Shadow of Freud’s Couch, Anni Bergman, Ph.D., New York
Mark Gerald: In the Shadow of Freud’s Couch, Paul Lippman Ph.D
Sylvie Faure-Pragier, M.D. Paris, France
Luis Feder, Ph.D., in his office in Mexico City. Credit: Mark Gerald, Ph.D.
"We create worlds around us that are extensions of our inner life." Mark Gerald psychoanalyst

Way before I became a Nurse I studied Photography at University. I got onto the course  with a selection of Polaroids of my friends, however once on the course I never did another Portraiture project,  I discovered abstract expressionism,  awe, consciousness and colour therapy and I was off discovering myself instead :)

Over the last few years Moon to Moon has rekindled my passion for Portraiture, not necessarily of people themselves, more portraits of how people live.  The objects we are drawn too and surround ourselves with, the colours, patterns and textures we adorn our homes with and the manner in which we store and display, they all give away so much about he way we view the 'self'.

That is one of the reasons I love this project by Psychoanalyst and photographer Mark Gerald. In the Shadow of Freuds couch invites us into the private offices of Psychoanalysts. The analyst all of a sudden becomes the analyzed. We start wondering about the person in the photo. Why do they choose to present them self in that way? Why have they chosen that decor? Would I feel comfortable opening up to these people? There is such a huge contrast between the top photo and the bottom, although I prefer the interior of the top would I feel more comfortable sharing in the neutral environment of the last?

Mark Gerald: In the Shadow of Freud’s Couch, Susie Orbach, Ph.D.
Below is an abstract from an interview with Mark Gerald. The full interview can be found at It's Nice That

 What do you believe are the keys factors that inform the way a psychoanalyst decorates the space they work in?
Analysts, like all of us, operate both from intention and from the unconscious. The spaces that the analysts work in are homes for them and their patients. We all work in Freud’s shadow and our offices are tributes to the iconic first psychoanalytic office in Vienna. That being said, there are enormous variations based on theoretical considerations, aesthetics, and cultural and geographic norms. Warmer climates and those in less populated areas tend to be more open and larger. Many urban offices are interior spaces, enclosures for the unconscious.

Thursday 17 April 2014

The Home of.... Greg Rogrove and Diana Garcia

I am on official maternity leave now, after 4 weeks of sick leave for ongoing nerve problems in my foot.... ouch! In this time before my little dude arrives I have found myself less and less mobile due to the pain, and I am trying to avoid the opiates prescribed, so have spent my time reading, starting my masters essay and browsing through blogs and websites for content for Moon to Moon and recipes for better health..... and a lot of mind over pain meditation.... great for now and the birth (I hope)

 I am afraid I have never been a good blog style writer and with the ongoing pain am finding it even harder to write blog posts, so I apologize..... but I am by no means stopping, in fact I am more inspired than ever at the moment to share my discoveries.. just maybe with less writing and more etsy, ebay and other small artist/makers discoveries.

This is one of my recent discoveries that I missed when it was originally published last year on Freunde von Freunden. I just love the light and green hues in this place. Such an inspiring couple!

Here is a small extract from the original interview from Freunde von Freunden

Greg is a musician who, in the last few years, realized he needed a place to call home. He practices on an old, upright, white piano – a gift from Diana – in a sun-filled room at the front of their house. He toured for years with Devendra Banhart and the Grogs, Priestbird and MEGAPUSS – a project he and Devendra formed with The Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti. Like so many musicians, his definition of home was the contents of one suitcase and a backpack. He came to LA to record an album and the weather and the surf persuaded him to stay. Renting a trailer on Paradise Lane at the top of Topanga Canyon, he bought a ’77 El Camino for a few thousand dollars and started thinking about settling down. Then, he met Diana.
Diana adamantly defies definition. She has an impressive film resume, including a role in the Sundance award-winning film, Sin Nombre. She is also an incredibly talented artist, known for creating imagery of imaginary animals that ‘represent being what we can dream’. Having once made a living selling her artwork on the streets of New York, her work is now commissioned by cities and festivals around the world.

P.s..... A big congratulations to the Lovely Georgie Kellitt and Family on the arrival of your little girl xxxx