Wednesday 29 June 2016

Bike baskets from The Basket Room

A few years ago I brought myself a vintage light purple Raleigh bike that came with a basket, which inevitably I decorated with plastic flowers and nicknamed Violet.

Out for this years summer debut I noticed that Violet's basket has now seen better days and needed replacing..... that is when i stumbled across the new baskets from 'The Basket Room', a great company that I own a beautiful handmade, fair trade storage basket from... used as toy storage (even garish plastic toys look cool in there)

The Basket Room is an ethical lifestyle brand, specialising in handwoven baskets and accessories made in Africa. Woven with vibrant colours & unique patterns, they work directly with weaving cooperatives in rural Kenya, Ghana & Tanzania.

Awia bike basket from The Basket Room
Not only are these bike baskets beautiful to look at but they are also beautiful where it counts....The Basket Room's unique Ghanaian bicycle baskets are designed in house and made by their partner weaving cooperative in Northern Ghana.  Made from natural materials and finished with leather straps, these beautiful and colourful bike baskets are ideal for Summer rides, small shopping trips, a cycle around town, study books and picnics!

My favorite is the green Awia basket above....

Our partner weaving cooperatives have always been a strong hold of women, but in Ghana men also weave. Here are a group of talented weavers who make our bike baskets!

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Give Away Winner

Bohemia Wool Pots from Morocco

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway! What a lot of entries between here and Instagram!

I am happy to announce the winner is.... Robyn Leech...

please get in touch Robyn by emailing me at

Wednesday 22 June 2016

The Home of Jessica and Ryan

Earthy Ceramic collection including Eye pottery by Martina Thornhill

Wooden utensils and Triangle Mirror

I really love the relaxed vibe of this home Ipswich, MA that I found on Apartment therapy via Pinterest.  Although beautifully styled, what i love about it is that the wooden furniture is 'normal'. In normal I mean isn't necessarily the most stylish or modern, it is the kind of stuff that you can get cheaply from a thrift store/ charity shop and as Jessica and Ryan prove, it can look really great!

The neutral toned ceramics (including the work of Moon to Moon fave Martina Thornhill), house plants in baskets and enviable wooden utensil collections also work very well with the chilled natural theme.

Plus Jessica and Ryan, pictured below, look like a fun couple to chill out with ....

See more of their home and their interview over at Apartment Therapy

Friday 17 June 2016

Giveaway: Vintage Morocan Wool baskets from Bohemia (Closed)

Give away: Vintage Moroccan wool baskets from Bohemia

It has been an age since we last did a giveaway here on Moon to Moon so we have teamed up with the lovely Bohemia to bring you guys a pretty darn awesome giveaway, even if we do say so ourselves!!!

These colorful vintage Moroccan wool baskets are traditionally used in Morocco as bread baskets and are all one off pieces that have been handmade using reed wrapped in wool. They are multi-purpose.... toy baskets, bathroom, bits, kitchen storage plant pots.... you name it they are great for it and not only are they useful but they are so pretty!!

So we are offering one lucky lady or gentleman a beautiful pot of their choice to use as they so wish :)

Vintage Moroccan Wool baskets from Bohemia

So what do you have to do to win?

1) Visit Bohemia here and then leave a comment below letting us know which colorway you prefer and what you think you might store in your pot..... Simple!!

There are also extra entries available over at Instagram tomorrow...
2) Visit Moon to Moon to find out more

The draw has been extended to Tonight , so get your entries in and good luck

p.s Remember if you are entering under Anonymous you must let us know who you are to be in with a chance of winning

Sleeping Porch...

Screened Porch
Bohemian Sleeping Porch
Wooden Sleeping Porch
I just love the idea of having a sleeping porch.... an outdoor-ish room so i could go to sleep listening to the nightlife and wake up bathed in early morning sun, listening to the birds. Bliss!!

Friday 10 June 2016

Current Obsession: Haptic Lab's Constellation Quilt

I really, really love this Constellation Quilt from Haptic lab that I found over at Sparton Shop. It would be awesome as a quilt on the bed or as a wall hanging.

The 100% cotton 60" quilt features embroidered gold stars in the October night sky at around the 40th parallel in the Northern Hemisphere, Tiny French knots are used to render the Milky Way as a tactile field that crosses the quilt design in a sweeping diagonal. 

The quilt is handmade in Brooklyn. 

Thursday 9 June 2016

Old News:19th century designs for satins and silk

 I have titled this post old news as that is exacatlly what it is.... images of an exhibition that ended a year ago!

However, I have only just found these pictures over at Spitalfieldslife and thought they were so beautiful they deserved a share.

All the images (and more) and the text below can be found over at the website

"Rodney Archer, the Aesthete of Fournier St, & his pal Trevor Newton, the Curator, have been busy again, lining Rodney’s magnificent old house with a collection of original French nineteenth century designs for satins and silk velours, created at the Lyons factory of Antoine Donat between 1840 and 1865.

Trevor came upon these designs in a long-abandoned silk mill and they have not seen the light of day since the eighteen-seventies which accounts for their vibrant unfaded colours. Each design is labelled on the reverse with the date and instructions for setting up the loom, and all are for sale – many for as little as twenty pounds.

It certainly makes a splendid display in Rodney’s blue and gold drawing room on the first floor – the one with Oscar Wilde’s fireplace in it – and since these houses in Fournier St were built on the income from silk weaving, it is difficult to imagine a better location to enjoy these rich and extravagant designs, glowing in the February sunlight ."

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Wes Anderson Miniture sets by Mar Cerda

I am sure any Wes Anderson fan will appreciate the stunning work of artist Mar Cerda..... her tiny Wes Anderson sets are truly awesome. I love miniature train from The Darjeeling Ltd, one of my favorite of Andersons films, the detail is outstanding!

Mar has a background in art direction and as well as making these cute little scenes is also an illustrator of children's books

To view more of Mar's work visit her webpage or instagram

Sunday 5 June 2016

Treehouse for Sale

Tree House for Sale: Owned by lulu from Lulu organics

Check out this stunning Tree house for sale in the Catskill Mountains........If only I lived in the states!

I have been admiring this beautiful handbuilt Tree house belonging to LuLu Organic's Lulu (the best ever dry shampoo, if you dont already know) for a few years now and now it is up for sale....

about the sale Lulu says...

"It is with a heavy but hopeful heart that I have decided to sell my Treehouse on Bramley Mountain in Bovina, NY.  It is a house I built with my hands situated on 6.45 acres of land just 3 hours Northwest of New York City in the Catskill Mountains.  It has long been a place I call my second home, where I recharge from the hustle of the city and where I find grounding and infinite peace.  There is a big, beautiful spring fed pond stocked with edible fish, a small fire pit and a place to hang a hammock.  There is an unmatched community of great people both local and city dwellers who have carved out a life filled with charming businesses and hand built homes.  I will miss it dearly but I am hoping that someone who feels as much love for the woods as I do will find it to be as much of a treasure as I have.  "

To view more of the treehouse visit the site Here