Wednesday 30 May 2012

Beyond Marrakech Handira: Moroccan Wedding blankets...

Handira: Moroccan wedding blanket, With bushy white stands and sequins these bohemian beauties
look wonderful used as blankets, wall hangings or rugs :Peacock pavillions
Handira used as a blanket
Handira: Wedding Blanket used as a bed throw
A beyond Marrakech Handira used as a rug
Handira :Wedding blanket from Beyond Marrakech
Handira: The back of a rare Beni Ouarain wedding Blanket from Beyond Marrakech , complete with shoulder straps
Moroccan Interior Design: Wedding blanket (handira) used as a rug
I have fallen in love with a blanket, no seriously, big time in Love! I have been toying with the idea of buying a Moroccan Wedding Blanket (Handira) for about a year now, and a couple of weeks ago just went for it.

Handira are hand woven blankets made from 100% wool and decorated with sequins. The Wedding blankets are made by Berber women and are traditionally used as a cape during wedding ceremonies (See photo below). Post wedding Handira look beautiful as blankets on the bed, as rugs or even as wall hangings.

I am so, so impressed I just had to share....I got mine from Beyond Marrakech, a blog and shop owned by the lovely Danielle, who also owns a beautiful Guest house Dar Zohra in the Atlas Mountains.

Living in Morocco, Danielle sources these beautiful Handira locally and has the most beautiful wide range of these beautiful blankets. If like me you are messy the blankets also come in colour.

What do you guys think?

Handira are traditionally worn as a cape during the Moroccan Wedding ceremony
For more Handira inspiration Visit beyond marakesh's Handira Boutique 

Tuesday 29 May 2012

The home of Guy Blakeslee and Maximila Lucaks

The eclectic home of Guy Blakeslee and Maximila Lucaks
Maximilla Lucaks , exposed brickwork and drums
Dressing table with vintage birdcage and Bob Dylan
Guy and Maximilla : Hammock
I love the blue of that suitcase with the gold :)
Yet again i have been rumaging through The Selby and found this shoot of
 Guy Beardsley, musician and singer in the Entrance band and filmaker Maximilla Lucaks in their home in Laurel Cannon , L.A.

 Such a beautiful home, sadly as it is an old shoot from 2008 there are not too many pictures of the home, but the pictures there are, are great. I love that first one. I would love to live here!

Saturday 26 May 2012


Cafe by U mnie
Spiral staircase
Novella Royale on instagram
Such a beautiful view

My Yogi tea quote of the day

"The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment'

Thursday 24 May 2012

Cheap Bohemian style: Pallet sofas...

Affordable low level seating, pallet bench
Pallet bench: Low level seating plus a great places to store books
Pallet sofa bed
Bright and Bold Pallet sofa
Outdoors: pallet sofa 
I love deep low level seating with plenty of cushions and have been on the look out for a new sofa that is not only both of those but also relatively cheap. I found the top picture this morning and have now fallen in love with the idea of having a pallet sofa. Cheap, unusual, and even better - eco-friendly...

I am however, more tempted to use this as garden seating, What do you guys think?

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Ceiling to Floor books ....

Bookshelves bursting at the seams and a Virginia Wolf portrait

Books to the ceiling and wooden ladder
Overdoor books

Bohemian interior: Book shelves and Suzani throw
Bookshelves and couch

Beautiful home library, ceiling to floor bookshelves
Floor to ceiling book shelves, a big comfy chair a cup of tea and a good book.... Heaven!!

I am currently making my way through a pile of books that I brought whilst at university and now I have finished studying, have actually got time to read... there are no anatomy or theory books amongst them...

I have just started Lolita, what are you currently reading? Any recommendations?

Saturday 19 May 2012

The Home of...

Safe within my Womb: I fell in love with this beautiful eclectic den a number
of years ago and been searching for the source ever since. Candles, Kilim, Cushions
and rickety book shelves, I don't think I would ever leave this room

Bohemian bedroom: Suzani, Kilim and Indian Patchwork - such a cozy room
Beautiful eclectic sitting room with Indian throws and  kilim cushions

Sitting room: Light some Nag Champra and relax
Beautiful Handmade Vintage Kantha Quilts from India

The minute I saw that top picture I fell in love.... Everything about it is perfect, the Kilim cushions, the layered rugs, the books, the bed on the floor... all that's missing is me, my current read (Lolita), a pot of tea and my Nag Champra :)

....So my search (thanks to Introducing New Worlds) is over, so here is the home of the Lovely Laura aka Godessofxanadu on flickr. A life long collector of beautiful fabrics, Laura lives in this charming Victorian home with her other half and cute pups. Can't wait to see more snaps of this beautiful homes as the pictures emerge on Flickr

Not only is Laura a great travel photographer but luckily for us also sells the beautiful Vintage Kantha Quilts she brings back from India via her  Etsy shop FatLama Vintage.

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Beautiful Bohemian Sitting rooms.....

I love this warm and inviting lodge sitting room. I could snuggle up and read here all day.

Stunning combination of Turquoise couch, Vintage Suzani cushions and a wall rug via the decorista

Crotchet, Lace, Kilim and plants what's not to love? Via Bohemian homes

Photo by Angus Ferguson, via Desire to Inspire
Plenty of cushions,  large ethnic rugs, plants and a bookcase bursting at the seams, my idea of a perfect siting room! The top one is my favourite I love wooden homes and leather furniture.

I have had lots of emails asking where to buy home wears, I though rather than produce a list I thought I would try and put together some little themed purchases after some of the posts with a variety of shops and price ranges, hopefully there will be something for all budgets. If there is anything you would like me to seek out drop me an email

 p.s You will have to excuse my photoshop skills, I will try and brush up my skills (you would never believe I did a photography degree would you?)

1) Aborg Rug from Ikea

2) Egyptian Moroccan Mother Of Pearl Table from a selection by Gouda78 on ebay

3) This fabulous Vintage Suzani cushion is from a selection on etsy, this particular one is from YASTK

4) A personal favourite, this Giant Leather Pouffe is available on Moon to Moon Favourite Bohemia

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Mirrors of the World ...

Bohemian Home: Mirrors of the world

1) This beautiful Antique Indian Peacock Mirror is from Kirtsy Lee

2) These beautiful Tear drop Mother of Pearl Mirrors come in 2 sizes : from Graham and Green

3) Moroccan Brass Mosque mirror from Moroccan Decor

4) Small Tribal  Indian Patwa Crotchet Mirror from etsy

5) Hand carved  Bohemian wooden Indian Mirror from a selection at Batik

Having rented for the last 13 years I have always been to afraid to put much up on the walls or invest in a good mirror. I have had my eye on the Moroccan Mosque Mirror (3) for some time now. My new house is getting valued today by the bank so fingers crossed... then I can put what ever I want on the walls .....

Monday 14 May 2012

Brighten up your kitchen ... + giveaway winner announced

I love these utensil holders made from used tins
Kitchen storage: shelves, jars and bottles
Bright pots and pans hanging above the cooker
Jars and Spices on display
Wooden kitchen, bright and bold pots and pans
Why spend all that money on beautiful pots and pans and then shut them away in Cupboards? Set those pans free... hang them on the wall or pile them up on shelves ....

And the winner of the Bohemian Kilim Bag give away is.......

Mama Turtle from Mini Ninja and Mama Turtle blog (which I have just spent ages reading). I am so pleased this lovely lady won. So congratulations...

Thank you to everyone who entered xxx

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Luxury Bohemian interiors : Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design

Beautiful Bohemian sitting room: Velvet sofa and vintage rug by Martyn Lawrence- Bullard
Hand carved wooden interior: Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Stunning bright bohemian room, also used here

Beautiful bohemian interior, seagrass carpet and leather chairs : Martyn Lawrence- Bullard
Bohemian garden: All of a sudden I want to drink champagne cocktails :)
What can I say but wow! What luxury! I love these bohemian style rooms all from Martyn Lawrence-Bullard design. I have a bit of an obsession with rich velvet sofas and vintage rugs at the moment and that top picture ticks both those boxes.

I am off to my parents in Snowdonia for my Birthday but will be back on Sunday to anounce the winner of the Bohemia Kilim bag Give away

xx Gabi xx