Tuesday 31 January 2012

All Tea Towels Give away

It has been a fair while since I did a give away on Moon to Moon, so I was delighted when Al from all-tea-towels.co.uk got in touch to offer me two tea towels to review and a further two as a give away of course I graciously accepted.

After looking at his site I fell instantly  in love with the illustrated Tunnock's Tea towel below (not sure if international readers have Tunnock's tea cakes but they are the yummiest things ever!) so the first choice was a no brainer.

The coolest tea towel ever!! Tunnock's teacake tea towel 

I was not disappointed with my choice, It is a screen printed picture on 100% unbleached cotton so it is really, really good quality and although now I have tested it to ensure it had good absorbency (which it did) the design is so awesome I think I may frame it to go on my kitchen wall. Awesome!!

The second tea towel was harder to choose as there were so many good ones but I eventually chose the Nautical knots tea towel below. When I was younger I went to Sea cadets where I learnt not only to sail and row and canoe but also tie knots and I remember being so proud of my first figure of eight ( I know, I was a cool kid right? ha ha). 

Nautical Knots, bends and Hitches tea towel
This towel is again really good quality and is made of 100% linen. It did require soaking first to increase the absorbency but it was truly worth it, it is a great tea towel. The only problem with the tea towels is now they make my old ratty ones look even rattier and gross. Maybe its time I replaced them all.

So to the Give away. Al from 'all tea towels' has kindly agreed for one lucky reader to choose 2 tea towels of their own, to shipped to anywhere in the world. All you have to do to enter the give-away is sit back with a cuppa tea and browse 'all tea towels' and leave ONE comment below with details of your chosen tea towels ( if you cant be contacted via your blog- please leave your email address in the comment) and 'like' all tea towels on facebook - oh and be following Moon to Moon :)

The winner will be chosen by a picking a name out of a hat, obviously at random on Monday the 6th February....

Good Luck xxx Gabi xxx

Catalogue of seeds tea towel

To see other reviews of the tea towels see 'it's all about the fabric', 'Three beautiful things', Vintage Vikki,

The Winner of the 'All tea towels giveaway' is ....... Titti from the wonderful  Shoestring Pavilion blog who chose the Colourful Kaleidoscope and the Blue 'Keep calm and carry on' Tea towels. Well done Titti, and thank you to Al from al tea towels for such a great give away.

I have had to remove the winner post as for some reason it was causing problems with my blog 

Friday 27 January 2012

The home of .... Danielle and Jeffertitti

Danielle and Jeffertiti at home in Topanga Canyon
Danielle and Jeffertiti's jewellery

Danielle and Jeffertiti's wardrobe

Danielle and Jefferititi

Peacock chair in the garden

I love that orange bottle!

Jewellery tree
I saw these pictures about a year ago (?) on style like u and have just re-stumbled upon them and thought I would share. On the main site is a video interview with the couple talking about their style and home in Topanga Canyon.

Danielle's wonderful jewellery range 'onwards into the future' is available via - Sisters of the black moon.

Thursday 19 January 2012

Bohemian kitchen interiors ....

Unusual bohemian kitchen interior
Beautiful pink vintage kitchen
Beautiful pink bohemian fridge

Butlers sink

Rustic style kitchen
Stunning vintage kitchen range
Bohemian kitchen interior
Stunning painted cabinet -Photography by Helen Norman
Orange kitchen interior
I have so many wonderful kitchen images that this post has seen a few edits before posting. My favourite is the beautiful bohemian style kitchen in the first picture, I can imagine eating a good hearty stew and home made bread created in this kitchen, perfect for the freeeeeezing winter days here in England.

P.s If you haven't already please take time to check out my January Sponsors blogs and shops, all run by wonderful blogspot ladies

Sunday 15 January 2012

You can never have too many Houseplants...

I would love to have a reading room with this many houseplants
Houseplants - bohemian interior

Sleeping in a green house.
Cheese Plant
I would love this !
Houseplants in the bathroom add that bohemian feel

Dreamy houseplant staircase

Years ago I read This other Eden by Ben Elton, in the story the earths atmosphere has become inhabitable and the entire population end up living in bio-domes. Since then I have dreamt of living in a romantic Eden project style glass dome full of plants and beautiful wildlife -  pure heaven!

Monday 9 January 2012

Moroccan Interiors -Riad Charai

Moroccan living room interior 
Moroccan Bedroom

Moroccan roof terrace 

Moroccan garden terrace- 

Who doesn't love Moroccan interiors? Low seating, Moroccan lamps, Pouffe's, and the ultimate bohemian vibe.

I have wanted to go to Morocco for ages but never seem to book it. I spend ages looking at places to stay and Riad Charai is defiantly on my list of dream places to stay.

For more Moroccan interiors click here and scroll down :)

Friday 6 January 2012

Peacock chairs

Stevie Nicks and christine McVie chilling on the mother of all peacock chairs

Cat Power on the Peacock chair of William Lemon the 3rd
A pastel Peacock chair tea party
White peacock chair
Vintage Peacock chair

Peacock chair
Vintage peacock chair

I was super jealous last month when Chloe from Sugar high and love stoned posted about her new peacock chair. I have wanted a vintage peacock chair since I was little and have even been teased on my way to and from work by the one in a shop near me (not for sale).  I have posted about them in the past and been on the look out for a while. So I am super happy to have found one for the bargain price of a tenner!!

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Vintage glass Apothecary bottles....

Beautiful bohemian vintage glass bottles

Moroccan glass rose water bottles

Beautiful vintage glass soda stream bottles

Vintage apothecary bottles

Vintage glass bottles used as paint brush holders

Beautiful bottles and stunning Jewels from the lovley ladies at Spell
Vintage witch hazel and a Bottle of lovely caswell massey rose water
It so interesting how opinion was divided about the colour co-ordinated books on the last post, I personally love it as it makes finding cd's so much easier, you can see more books organised this way on this post here.

I have been listening to the Dandy Warhols on repeat for some time now and the below song inspired this post, sadly none of the above are my bottles :)