Saturday, 19 November 2016

Look book and Interview: Marith from LucyInDesguise


When I saw some of the pictures from this LucyInDesguise look book on Instagram my jaw dropped. Reminiscent of photos of Pamela Courson and Jim Morrison and Anita Pallenberg and Mick Jagger in performance, they are just perfect images of a rock n roll romance. Luckily the lovely Marith was happy to talk to Moon to Moon about the look book, her shop and her inspiration... 

Hello Marith can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Marith Savander, and my shop is called LucyInDesguiseThese days I live in America but I'm originally from Sweden. I've been selling vintage clothing online for almost 5 years. I've been collecting unique vintage & antique garments for a long time, and I suppose I originally opened an online shop to thin out my wardrobe. The vibe of the store is definitely an extension of my personal style. When I'm not working on the shop I play music, paint, write and travel. You can check out some of the tunes here:

Why do you favor vintage over new clothing?

For me it always made more sense to wear used clothing instead of buying new. By choosing vintage instead of new mass-produced clothes you are also choosing a more environmental-friendly way of dressing; a recycling form of self expression. LucyInDesguise has always carried carefully hand selected vintage and always will, but the next step is to make my own collection and one-of-a-kind pieces out of recycled and natural materialsI'm excited to share my visions and eventually start branding. I have lots of groovy designs and fun plans for the future.

The name LucyInDesguise actually came to me during an acid trip many moons ago and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was playing. I had a big rack of my psychedelic mini dresses hanging in the room, and it occurred to me that when I assemble all these vibrant, colorful palettes and textiles into outfits and dress my nude flesh on a daily basis, it's sort of a disguise and also an expression of art. Back then I thought disguise was spelled desguise, and I just like to keep it that way.

 What was the inspiration behind this stunning lookbook?

Love, love, love. Such a strange and wonderful thing.

Tell us about the location for the shoot?

In July, my boyfriend and I traveled to Sweden where we purchased a cheap car and drove it all the way to Spain. Our destination was A Coruña where we visited our dear friend Diego. He introduced us to two new friends and we started talking about shooting an editorial for my shop. Iria is an artist living and working in a beautiful mountain home with her donkey Lucas, which is where we did the shoot. Mel the photographer, is a talented wedding & lifestyle photographer, so this experimental shoot was equally exciting for us. I wanted it to be a collaborational thing featuring my styling, Mel's photography, Iria's art and my love and I wearing the vintage clothes in sweet settings. With a mix of everyone's inputs we ended up with beautiful results! You can see some of Iria's sculptures and paintings in some of the photos and more here: Check out more of Mel's work here:

A massive thank you to Marith for letting me feature the beautiful look book and for tking the time to tell us more ..... make sure you check out her beautiful shop LucyInDesguise


Unknown said...

Such evocative shots...I hope they don't emulate Jim Morrison and the rest too much...sad ends.
I am of the 60's generation and when I saw these shots I thought they were truly from that time...they have caught the look and vibe.

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Unknown said...

One of these lovely rooms shows a cat on a kitchen counter... Im thinking toxoplasmosis... or at least a poorly tum.