Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Bohemian style interiors - Artwork

Bohemian artwork via Pretty.little.world
Wartime poster from ebay
Bohemian style artwork via,ffffound
 Beautiful bohemian tree illustration via Anthopologie
 Large painting in bohemian style interior Jordon Ferney
I have blogged this before but it is soooo nice!
Emily Henderson
Bohemian interior - Simply seleta

I am on the look out for some 'art' for my walls. I am in love with that illustration above from anthropologie but at nearly £2000 I dont think my student budget will stretch :(

At the moment I am browsing ebay and charity shops, but hopefully will be going to an auction soon, how exciting.


Sandra Bøgh Zerahn said...

Love it! I also recently by something for my walls and I ended up with this http://shop.thepostfamily.com/collections/frontpage/products/camera-poster-4
happy hunting

Celia said...

This isn't really related to a particular post, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love following your blog, and thank you for sharing! I don't follow any blogs, or have one myself but I always look forward to checking in on yours and seeing what new gorgeous things you have found.
Happy New Year! Celia x

Moon to Moon said...

Sandra that is a really beautiful print! That is the kind of thing I am looking for :)

Celia, thank you very much for your kind comment.


Laurie Brown said...

Hmmm... that Anthropologie piece has a lot of repetitive, simple shapes- I suspect you could create something very similar using some leaf stamps with a couple of colors of green acrylic. Draw in a few branches, put it on what appears to be tea-dyed muslin (or gesso that's been lightly glazed)- you could get the effect.

Notes From ABroad said...

On one of our trips to London, we went to Covent Garden, to a shop that sold art, posters etc.
We bought 2 vintage Underground posters, we kept one and the other was a gift. Mine has traveled all over with us, home to home. Today it is in the kitchen, who knows where it will go next :)

leslie.conner said...

I love all of those photos. Thanks for sharing!

BrandyG said...

Dont forget to check out etsy!


Trust me, if you dont already know and love it youll be addicted!

Deviant art has some junk, but it's got some great stuff too.

Good luck.