Monday, 8 December 2014

Current Obsession: Sea Creatures from Big Stuffed

Small Octopus from Big Stuffed
When I say current obsession, I really mean Current obsession! These sea creatures from Big Stuffed are just gorgeous arent they? They are the creations of Paris based designer Dana Maskat, a former stylist from Tel Aviv.

My personal favorite is the huge over sized Octopus and would love one of these beauties for little Alex..... we shall have to see what Santa brings :)

Dana at work on her handmade Sea Creatures: Imgae credit from L'instant Parisien


My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Gabi......that octopus actually gives me the willies. I saw several in Victoria many years ago...they were in this HUGE TANK.....didn't care for them then either.


Amber/ Vudupink said...

Adorable. My favorite stuffed animal was an octopus growing up.These are divine!!!

Meg said...

These are wonderful! How creative!

Moon to Moon said...

Lovely arent they?

Sorry 'My Grandma's soul' hehe!