Monday, 13 April 2015

Ball Pendant Lights....

What could be more perfect?
Peter Aldrington
Rattan Pendant light

The Eames House
Rice lamp

Ball Pendant Lights.... I love them!

Every room in my house (but my entrance hall) has one! Large paper (Rice) or rattan balls grace every ceiling.... Even little Alex has a Habitiat MoonBuzz Light.

To me they resemble the Moon in the night sky, and I just love their simplicity... the fact that they are ridiculously cheap is just a bonus!

What do you recon? Love them or remind you of being a Student?


Unknown said...

Beautiful foots, I especially love the1rst one with the glorious plant and church windows <3

The Lucid Bubble said...

I have mixed feelings about ball pendant lights; whilst I like the organic simplicity they can give a room and like you said, the natural 'moonlike' atmosphere they provide, I can't help but think of my old student digs at the same time! Its all down to how you style them as the photos illustrate :-)

Jess from The Lucid Bubble x

Heather said...

oh the memories! they are really so easy and straight forward though aren't they. I do like the large ones. X

Jasmine Orchard said...

I think in a big house with high ceilings and period features, a great big one can look amazing, but in a smaller modern flat with carpets etc, it can look more studenty- it's all about the space!

Victoria said...

I love these paper lanterns and I have them in my home too and have done for so many years now. I've changed my d├ęcor and tried changing the lampshades but I always come back to them, they are timeless.
I have the huge ones from Habitat and everyone (mainly tall people)that visit my home have had to learn to dodge them as they walk in my living room. My Dad always moans about them :)

Kath said...

This made me smile. I have a large paper globe light in my lounge and my husband said it reminded him of student digs. Then a while later we saw my neigbour has one too and she's even older than me LOL

Unknown said...

this pics are so inspiring .. the big paper laterns are so great for high rooms... thanks for sharing ..

regards from vienna