Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Serpentine Gallery : Etel Adnan, The Weight of the World

Etel Adnan: The Weight of the world

I love discovering new Artists to fall in love with. Especially if there is an exhibition for me to drool over!

I follow Serpentine Gallery on Instagram and my heart literally skipped a beat when i saw an image of the above painting by Etel Adnan. I cant wait to get to London in the next month or so to see her work in person....

In the late 1960s, Adnan began producing tapestry designs, later having them made into some of the large scale tapestries on display at the Serpentine. Inspired by the feeling and colour of the Persian rugs of her childhood, the vibrancy of colour and form that exists in her paintings has been translated into wool, woven by hand.

Etel Adnan tapestry in production at Ateliers-Pinton, France, 2016


Etel Adnan: The Weight of the World; Installation view Serpentine Gallery; London (2 June – 11 September 2016)



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