Sunday 7 September 2014

Film Interiors: Love and Other Drugs..

Nothing wrong with a bit of rom-com cheese... especially if the Bohemian decor is as good as this. Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhall in Love and Other Drugs

Okay so I have never seen this film and it looks like a sickly Rom-Com, (not that there is anything wrong with that Along came Polly is one of my favorite films but shh!) but isn't this apartment cool?

I re-pinned a picture of it on Pinterest that had no description and a lovely person told me that it was Anne Hathaway's apartment in the film 'Love and Other Drugs'. The thing I always love about these film sets is that as run down and bohemian as this place is, I bet there is no way that Anne's character could ever afford a place like this in the city.

To see more of my favorite interiors including Amelie's apartment and the Aunts house from Practical magic click here


Unknown said...

It's gorgeous. <3 _ <3

Nicemum said...

I loved Andy MacDowell's apartment especially the Conservatory in Green Card. I also loved Bilbo Baggins ' Hobbit House and the Elven Palace which my eldest son dubbed 'oh aye what a minted tree house '! Finally, the Walton house, I yearn for a verandah with a swing seat.

Amber/ Vudupink said...

Mad love this! XOXO

Unknown said...

You should definitely watch it! I thought it was simple rom com, it's actually a great commentary on physical and mental health, the pharmaceutical industry and loving someone with disabilities. It's great!!!

Moon to Moon said...

Yes Chrissie, I had forgotten about the place in Green Card that was beautiful thank you

Angelica, I will give it a watch thank you xx

Kath said...

I just watched Practical magic again last week. Purely for the house!