Thursday 2 December 2010

A place to ponder

Isn't pondering great! Just sitting, relaxing, thinking life through!

It is very rare these days that I have time to jut sit and think and not worry about the million and One things I have to do and bills I have to pay! The only time I allow myself to chill is in the bath. Hmmmm

Oooo before I forget, Big thank you to Bohemian Sisters for showcasing my blog, I urge you to check out their blog, some lovely interiors and other bits and bobs, including a yummy soup and cheese sandwich combo that I am having for dinner :)

P.S please help
I have recently decided that I would like a blog button of my own, but have no idea how on earth to make one. Is there a special program?


Julia said...

that wild plant in the first picture looks awesome!
and i know what you mean, i have another exam next tuesday and feel like i need a clone of myself to get everything done in time and not neglect my friends and family...

Sarah Greenman said...

Beautiful! I'm following you now... thanks for the awesome inspiration!