Saturday 11 December 2010


Beautiful bed cover
Not condoning the use of guns but I love this picture!

I am ashamed to say I am so lazy these days. The problem is it is sooooooo cold! It is so hard to drag myself out of bed, so I have got into the routine of making a flask of Chai tea and returning to bed to do my reading and essays, heaven !

I know it can't go on, but wow in this cold weather it is so tempting to just stay snuggled up in bed forever!

Possibly my favourite film . Eternal sunshine of The spotless mind.


Leslie Richman said...

Ahhh! Love these bedrooms!!

Anonymous said...

absolutely love your blog!

Crystal said...

I have the bed cover from the first picture :) We got it as a wedding gift from my sister in law, who got it from an Indian antique store.

Hope you warm up soon and have a Happy Holiday.

Grace said...

I wish my bedroom looked like these.

Moon to Moon said...

Oooo Crystal, It is beautiful.
I am so jealous