Friday 9 December 2011

Decorated Indian Mud huts

Indian painted mud hut decorated with Henna style paintings on the wall

Indian painted mud hut

Mandawa, India
Detail in a Bhunga Home India - via artnlight

Bhunga Home India -Via Artnlight
Bhunga Home India - Via Artnlight

 Following on from the cob homes post.... I have for a long time loved the top two images but never been able to find a reliable source on tumblr or pintrest etc.. which is such a pain as I would love to know more about these beautiful creative homes.

However, on my quest to find out more I came across so many beautiful painted mud homes from all over the world. The bottom two are from the Bhunga tribe in India, who decorate their mud homes with paint, raised mud and mirrors, aren't they stunning!

p.s if any one knows more about the top two please let me know :)

edit. Monica from the awesome blog bohemian Twilight has said the top two are probably from the book Indian Interiors. Thank you Monica xxxBhunga Home


hippyatheart said...

really stunning homes! the filigree paint is so beautiful and how cute are these candels stored on the wall over the bed?!

Zoe said...

They are truly beautiful, such detail!

Zoe x

Unknown said...

my faves are the last two.

the top ones are from (I believe) Indian Interiors-Taschen (

Mercedes said...

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GB said...

Love mirrorwork walls (or Lippan kaam as it is known in India). I've done a couple of posts on it:

also, you might have missed Vineeta's post on Bhunga interiors:

(The pictures are her own, you may need permission to use them, but enjoy!)

Love your blog,


AKSDenison said...


tanaya said...


I am no expert but I am pretty sure the top two are something similar to Indian folk art from Gujarat and Maharashtra called Warli paintings...You see it all over basically on clay pots, fabrics and local villagers in South Gujarat and Maharashtra decorate the interiors of their huts with these. They are extremely easy to do. As a kid I have decorated a large number of earthen pots with these designs.

Another thing you might want to check out is Bengali Alpona from East India.
These are mostly done with rice paste again extremely easy to do yourself and super pretty.


Lisa Graham said...

Wow those are lovely spaces! I love all the tiny details...looks like pearls. said...

stunning...thank you for sharing! xo

Barbara said...

So, so beautiful! Proof that you can make even a humble home look like a palace.

Leslie Richman said...

These are beautiful!

aroluna said...

love these! as usual surprising with awesome places! Love your blog!

Lilac Skin said...

Hi! :) I would say you have pictures of houses from both Gujarat and Rajasthan. The more detailed work I think is most likely Gujarati. My husband is Rajasthani and in his village house his mother hand paints these lovely patterns onto the floor whenever there is a celebration like a festival or a marriage. Purely for decoration :)
And remember it's not just mud they use to make these houses... there is a secret ingredient.. ;)

Linda said...

These are so beautiful...I just love the filigree details that are created in these works...people miss out when they do not explore other cultures!!


Amina said...

I like your blog soo much
It´s beautiful

Anonymous said...

The two top pictures are taken in Orissa in East India. There are from the book Indien Interieurs, which we own and it contains other fantastic pictures too.

The motives are blossoming plants and flowering vines, piles of harvested grain (the pyramid patterns on the walls) and stylized paddy fields.

The book says,”A rice grain, pounded with water, produces a sticky white paste that women use in embellishing their homes with elaborate decorations. “

You can also search the web for nomadic huts from the Rann tribe in Kutch in Gujarat, India.

Lovely blog…wonderful, very inspiring pictures!
peace :)