Thursday 21 June 2012

Sheepskin rugs ....

Bohemian Style: If a classic sheepskin rug would get ruined on the floor of your house, why not use one as a cosy chair throw? Cosy
Image: Justina Blakeney 

Effortless Bohemian Style :Sheepskin on chair
Bohemian Interior: Vogue Living Australia, August 2011: Sheepskin rug and Moroccan rug
Sheepskin Rug on Papasan Chair: Earthage Blog

Sheepskin Rugs: The home of Photographer Mark Borthwick
Sheepskin rug: Of course you could use one as a rug :)
Effortlessly Bohemian....I love sheepskin rugs they remind me of an awesome Afghan coat that I had when I was 15. It was the cosiest jacket ever, god knows what happened to it :(

Although I have a thing for sheepskin I am pretty clumsy and a white rug on my floor would get ruined, so I am loving the sheepskin on a chair look. A perfect snuggly winter chair look, or going by the rubbish weather at the moment even British Summer look :)


Kath said...

LOL a sheepskin on the floor would soon get caked with dog snot in our house :-D

Love one on the back of my chair tho.

Esperanza✿⊱ said...

mmmmm que delicia sentarse en una de estas!!!!!


Amina said...

Your post is very very bohemian... I love!!


aroluna said...

so white, so dirty immediately :)yes, on a chair is better, agreed!

Linda said...

I seem to remember a time for awhile when everyone was buying a small one for babies to sleep on ???? I definitely could not have one on my floor...LOL the chair looks much more comfy...:)

helen tilston said...

This brings to mind my apartment from my single days, with the stash of LP's and a sheepskin rug. I also had a kangaroo skin rug (souvenir of Australia) Thanks for the fond memories. I hope you find your coat


Holly said...

The last photo is actually a flokati rug, not the skin but wool. The are quite lovely.

My Grama's Soul said...

I had one of those many moons ago....don't have a clue what happened to it.


Vix said...

Maybe our lost Afghans are together somewhere partying in the sky!
I love a sheepskin. I bought a 70s maxi coat from a charity shop a couple of years back and it's the cosier thing ever! x