Monday, 24 March 2014

My eBay Collections: Pt.1 The Bohemian Bedroom.....

Moon to Moon eBay Collections: Anthopologie Dalian Embroidered Bed Linen
The Bohemian Bedroom: White Cotton String of Lights
Bohemian Bedroom: Natural Tan Leather Pouffe
Bohemian Bedroom: Natural Jute Rug
Bohemian Bedroom: perfect bedtime browsing Gypsy by Sibella Court
I am not a blogger that usually promotes larger corporations but eBay is genuinely one of my all time favorite sites. 80% of my baby's nursery and clothes have been brought from eBay and my own wardrobe is full of eBay bargains. So when eBay asked if I would like to be part of their UK launch of Collections I jumped at the chance. I have 12 collections which are constantly changing and being updated... because things sell fast!!

The above collection is just a few items from my collection Bohemian Bedroom. Although the bedspread is bright the other elements are neutral and calming. This collection was inspired by images from the book 'Gypsy' by Sibella Court.

To see the rest of my boards visit eBay Collections here

If any of you guys sell on eBay or have found any products/shops you think would be a good fit, and please email me at Photos used must be clear and simple

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