Saturday, 27 October 2012


Earthship interior, ultimate sustainable ecohome

Earthship bedroom

Earthship: Interior garden and pathway
Earthship exterior
Earthship pond
Earthship bathroom

Earthship exterior

The images above are a selection of my favourite earthships from the web. I have been obsessed with these houses since discovering Lesley from Earthage was selling hers (here).

 These quirky homes are not only beautiful but made of recycled materials and have been described as "The epitome of sustainable design and construction".

So beautiful.

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Boho Mixology said...

They are amazing aren't they, the last was is gorgeous.

Zoe xx

Kath said...

This house is all the more gorgeous because of the hot sunny weather! I love the bottle walls.

Carla said...

LOVE the first picture! Stunning room!!!
xo Carla

hippyatheart said...

how wonderful is that!?!

a few weeks ago, I saw the chemosphere house in L.A. and it was so stunning!

Melissa said...

incredible! so inspiring

<3 Melissa

Vicki said...

Beautiful! Inspirational!

Love the bedroom - that bottled wall!
And, would love a bathroom like that too :)

Ursamare said...


The combination of light, greenery and unexpected colours is magical. I'm so grateful I was shown this blog - it's visual pleasure after pleasure.

x Ursamare

Chai Tea Mum said...

I love Earthships! I am hoping to build one which will be a community centre if I can find a suitable plot. Maybe I can build my own home one day too. They are just wonderful!