Monday 3 December 2012

Readers Homes: Kelly-Marie Burdekin's Vintage inspired home

The stunning Kelly- Marie from A harem of Peacocks

Bluebird Tea set: similar available in Harem of Peacocks etsy here
Vintage Kitchen Unit
Isn't his home just so unbelievably romantic and fabulous?

 It is the home of Kelly-Marie Burdekin, a British Prop Stylist, Designer/maker,Vintage Buyer and as of last month a vintage etsy store owner. Her love of vintage doesn't just extend to her home decor but her wardrobe too... such a cool gal!!

Kelly -Marie kindly agreed to take these photos for me after I fell in love with pictures of her home over at her blog A Hareem of Peacocks. They are so much more beautiful than I had wished for....

For more images of Kelly-Marie, her stunning all vintage wardrobe, work, life and home make sure you visit the marvellous Hareem of Peacocks, and prepare to get lost.

Thank You Kelly-Marie


Ms Misantropia said...

Wonderfully bohemian! Makes me think about the rebellious bourgeois youth in the 20's-30's :)

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous. What a beautiful lady! x

Ursamare said...

Just lovely... . What an artist.

And I simply adored that hat with the crescent moon composed of pearls. So Artemis. Very dreamy post, thanks Gabi!

x Ursamare

Boho Mixology said...

That space is just divine, I love it.

Zoe xx

Linda said...

Nice...Love her place...:)

Amar said...

Every thing is here is unique, 1st time in my life see these beautiful pics

Unknown said...

Gabi! Thank you so so much, I am so flattered. xxx