Monday, 20 May 2013

Come dine with me...

Dining Room Envy: Wonderful Wall Hanging in the Home of Beatrice Valenzuala
Dinning Room: painted tables and chairs
Cob House: Dinning Room
Green Painted dinning room table
Pretty Dinning Room
Dinning Room: Love the Round Mirror and Rug
I havent done a post dedicated to the Dinning Room before, so thought it was about time I did.
I have been a little absent recently as I have started a new job on a children's ward for 5 months (then back to A&E/ER), which is hectic and I  have been on Holiday for my birthday, but I am back and so will be the more frequent posts, and give aways :)


trees and what not said...

happy birthday x

Vianne said...

I absolutely love looking through the pics you put on your blog, they're like chocolate for my eyes!

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

I've been waiting for you to do dining rooms. I love the way people make even a small corner a place to eat and enjoy company. Good choices here! (As always) Don't work too hard. And, Happy belated Birthday! Minerva x

Foxface said...

so awesome. I love it! :)
Very inspiring.
I would love to write much more but my english sucks..


Love and Nonsense

Boho Mixology said...

loving all of them, such a great room in a home.

Zoe xx

Vicki said...

For me, there is something very special about the second image.
Somehow, very comforting.