Thursday 14 May 2015

The Home of...... Musician Sonny Coates

"You know how rappers wear gold chains? I wanted to do that but with an earthy feeling."

“I like a lot of science fiction... The corporate mindset, blocks out all the weirdness of true reality – all the beauty the randomness, the poetry. Science fiction pulls you back to reality. When I read it, I feel like, ‘oh ok this is the reality, thank god.’ The bland reality is a drag. “
“There are two types of artists – subjective artists and objective artists. Subjective artists just spit out their art, like a painter puts paint on a page. An objective artist is in more spiritual heights, where all of the universe creates through them, making something very beautiful and poetic – a masterpiece that’s very divine and sublime. It’s beyond you -- that’s the kind of artist I want to be.”
Sonny is a musician and artist currently living in LA. He collaborates with other musicians under the name Preampus.
 I really like this home of musician Sonny Coates that I have just rediscovered on Style like U.

What I really love is the chilled out earthy vibe combined with the overwhelmingly in your face computer table..... my parnter is an editor so it kind of reminds me of my own home....

To view the full set of images and watch Sonny's interview visit Style like U

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moonpoppy said...

He has some interesting reading material,I would love to borrow some of his books.And I love the funny face necklace!