Sunday 20 September 2015

The Home of.... Rebecca Williams..

The home of Rebecca Williams. Bohemian, Eclectic and laid back
Notice the awesome leather bag identical to the one in Mays Giveaway here

I love that tall ceramic pot on the left hiding below the cuboard
I love those Cowrie Shell mirrors
1972 Volkswagen

There is just so much for me to love in this beautiful Australian home owned by Rebecca Williams from Sugar Shack co and Naughty Shorts. I love the laid back vintage feel, there are no matching elements, but it all just works. Rebecca is as you can imagine a stylist and although the home is obviously styled for the photo shoot,  the messy fridge magnets, trailing plants and washing-up mean it actually looks lived in, and very inviting.

To view more of the home tour and read the full interview visit Apartment Therapy here


Emmett Katherine said...

what a beautiful, colourful space. it looks so full of life!

Emmett - Hippie Lace

Unknown said...

This home is STUNNING


Boho Mixology said...

Ahhhhh that space is pretty much my dream home style. LOve all the textures, colours well just everything. Hearteyes.

Zoe xx

Meg said...

Love love love this space! The lighting is excellent and the decor just perfect. Great post and thanks!!

Unknown said...

The lighting is great, colourful and space.