Friday, 18 September 2015

Tea, Cake and Conversation....... The ultimate stress buster!

Tea, Cake and good consersation... the ultimate stress buster!

Oh how i love tea. I swear it helps keep me sane(ish). The last couple of months have been a little tough. Back to work after 15 months of maternity, then changing jobs, my LO starting with a nanny and my partner also starting a new job...... it has been a time of stress and plenty of adapting has been required, which for a secret control freak like me is tough!

Tea and Tea Pot

I don't want to be predictably English, but seriously.......If it wasn't for a good cup of tea, a slice of cake, and my lovely friends,  I am not sure i would have made it.... well i would have, but there would have been a lot more tears...

So lets hear it for tea, cake and conversation........ Cheers!!
Black and Gold Teapot


nofixedstars said...

couldn't agree more! i would not want to face life without tea...and the friends certainly help too. :)

cheers indeed!

Piggy said...

Hear, Hear! There is nothing like a good cup of tea and quiet reflection to centre the soul. I once read a book where the author said that any time he encountered a practical problem he sat down with a cup of tea before re-launching into it. It helps every time. Husband and I have done this ever since and it actually works. Problem = cup of tea = resolution.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more Gabi! A hot cup of tea is like a hug in a cup!

Moon to Moon said...

The Scent of Cinammon ...It is definitely a hug in a mug. that is a great saying.

Piggy... That is great idea, maybe fighting countries should sit down with a cuppa more often!!

NO fixed stars... The thought of life without tea is a very sad one :(


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Deanna said...

I honestly do not know how people survive without tea. I'm drinking some right now. I believe it's my 4th cup of the day.

Piggy said...

Wouldn't that be wonderful Gabi. PS. Love your wonderful blog. I've been following it for a couple of months and find it so full of inspiration. Thanks for taking the time to make it happen.