Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Amanda Drive in Studio City, California

Here are just a few yummy homes (with oversized windows) I have been drooling over this week on the web. Hope you are all having a chilled February. I am super excited as I am soon to be returning to work permanently in the Emergency Department after a little break...... it certainly won't be relaxing..... but it will feed my need for a challenge and keep me out of mischeif. A change is as good as a rest :)

That light! Photo by Noah kalina
Juvet Landscape Hotel by JSA



A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Yummy is right; specially like the second picture!

wefflet said...

Hi Gabi! The second photo is by Noah Kalina (link to his Instagram, original photo is about 15 rows down), who also worked on the Cabin Porn book. I think you may have written about it here before.
I love his photography.
Thanks for keeping up your beautiful blog, hope you & your fam are well.

Rebecca said...

Very cool rooms with VIEWS! (And I believe you're correct! A change is as good as a rest!)

diabel-w-buraczkach said...

Ho beautyful are they all!