Monday, 6 August 2018

Bumper sticker love.....

I brake for wildflowers bumper sticker by Maria Schoettler

I don't (yet) drive, but in September I will resume my driving lessons!!!!

I am embarrassed to say I have been learning on and off for 20 years..... yes 20!!! I really am THAT bad and that nervous behind the wheel.

I have spent a lot of the last 20 years dreaming about my dream car (a red and white Citroen 2cv Dolly... a car I have wanted since I was about 5), the tartan throw that will be covering the back seat, the hours I will spend cruising to Low Rider by War..... it will be awesome..... and these are the two bumper stickers (along with my National Trust membership) I am going to decorate my baby with.... The 'I brake for wildflowers' sticker is from Maria Schoettler and is just the cutest, the below 2 Jimi Hendrix Bumper stickers are available on Ebay or Amazon

Hopefully this little dream will give me motivation, if not .... I will just have to get a greenhouse to pimp up :)

You can see more of Maria's beautiful work via her instagram @maria_schoettler and more Car pictures on Moon to Moon here


37paddington said...

Lovely. The Jimi Hendrix message is so apt for these times.

Sandi said...

So true, Jimi.

Paula said...

Some of my happiest times have been spent listening to 'Lowrider'.