Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Molly Costello's Homolumionous Calendar 2019

With 2019 looming I thought it might be a nice idea to do a series on Independant artists that have calendars coming out for the year ahead, so if like me you are totally unorganised and rely on one to help you manage your life, at least you will be looking at a thing of beauty!!

This weeks calendar is Molly Costello's HOMOLUMINOUS calendar. So what I hear you ask is Homoluminous, Molly explains....

"HOMOLUMINOUS explores the ways we are emerging into a new type of human community, one that is glowing, connected, and more equipped than ever to achieve collective liberation. By practicing empathy, gratitude, grief rituals, growing our food, showing up for each others struggles and honoring the power of our imagination, we come to realize that we are the resilient body that our ancestors dreamed up to heal this world. We are the living light. We are HOMOLUMINOUS."

HOMOLUMINOUS 2019 Calendar's are now live!!✨You are now able to pre-order copies for yourself on Molly's website. 

$2 from each calendar will be donated to Chicago Community Bond Fund  It is likely to be a small batch so make sure you get in quickly if you want one!

To purchase the Calendar , and see more of Molly's beautiful work, including my favourite print below,  you can visit her webpage or find her on Instagram

There will also be a ltd number of Tapestries to accompany the calendar available in Mollys shop over the next month (see below)