Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Roses Farm: A dreamy British renovation

This beautiful cottage Roses Farm, is similar in style to my parents old cottage in Wales, and seeing these photos really makes me miss the old family home. I love this style of cottage with the exposed beams, inglenook fireplaces and flagstone flooring, there is something so cosy and inviting about them..... and not a sterile surface in sight :)

Snuggling up in front of a blazing fire, or sitting around the table in the dining room waiting for the aga to finish (slowly) cooking dinner. with a cuppa or glass of wine in hand..... bliss!

Literally my dream kitchen

Roses Cottage . Photos by David Merewether for Wheldon Times


My Grama's Soul said...

That is such a warm and inviting cottage...not one "Techy" thing in site and probably never will be. Ahhh.....what have we done to ourselves in this society!!


spabbygirl said...

Beautiful Gabi, I so love your taste in dress and housing, its so refreshing to see someone with such zest for life as you have and not speck of disinfectant insight. . I am a social worker & dealer in antiques (just starting) so shall look to you for ideas! I'm only in Cirencester, if you're ever up this way we could meet up for a coffee, Lynne