Monday, 14 February 2011

Glass houses....

Possibly my favourite room

hazy summer morning
Oooooooo :)


Kew Gardens

It is finally here. SPRING!!!!!! I am so happy, I feel like a cloak of impending doom has been lifted off my tired shoulders. I instantly feel more energised, positive and motivated. This morning I have been dreaming of big Victorian conservatories, cucumber sandwiches and Pimm's. 


Victoria said...

Beautiful post..I'd so love to jump inisde those photos and explore!! Fabulous and magical!! Thanks so much for sharing..

Alina said...

Love your Blog! I found you through Tina's Carousel Dreams :0)

Victoria said...

This is lovely... that hallway with all the plants is beautiful.

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Great blog you have! Love all the images you have shared.