Monday 2 April 2012

Indian Interiors....

Indian Interiors: Painted mud huts

Indian Interiors :Painted Mud Huts

Indian Interiors : Painted Mud Huts

Indian Interiors : Painted Mud huts

Indian interior design : Painted Mud huts

A while ago I posted a couple of pictures of these beautiful Indian houses with a shout out to anyone who knew anything about them. Luckily I have wonderful readers who pointed me in the Direction of a book called Indian Interiors by Taschen. This book is full to the brim with glorious interiors, so here are a few more of the beautifully decorated mud huts. Enjoy xxx

xxx Gabi xxx


Gabriela H. said...

Lovely houses!!! Do you know with which kind of paint are painted? Thank you!

aroluna said...

These are incredible! as the ones on the other post! Wowed me!! Thank you Gaby!

Boho Mixology said...

The designs are seriously beautiful! the book sounds great I'm off to check it out, think it would make a perfect addition on the bookshelf.

Zoe x

Lisa Graham said...

I love these. And I just noticed on your about me that you said if you like the Ikea showroom you are in the wrong place. LOVE THAT! : )

Thanks for the smiles.

Linda said...

You are my mentor!! You always post the most amazing things...These places are beautiful!!!!

Thanks Gabi!! :)

Moon to Moon said...

Thanks for your comments guys, they are stunning arent they?

I do not have a clue what type of paint they use sorry Gabriella.

xxx Gabi xxx

moonshinejunkyard said...

i have this book and have loved it for years! it inspired some handpainted pieces of furniture i did a long time ago but i would like to re-do them in just brown and white, so simple and rustic.

Anonymous said...

rice paste mixed with water and sometimes resins

Anonymous said...

Just came across your lovely blog.

These paintings vary from state to state in India...each state having it's own special motifs. The most common type are the Waarli paintings of Maharashtra.

They are generally made with rice paste or limestone.


The Decorating Diva said...

No matter where you are in the world, the desire to decorate our living spaces, is the same.
Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

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Monnaie said...

Like the wall paintings!

Unknown said...

hey , i think the huts are from eastern region of india, Odisha. The designs on the mud walls are typical of my village. I have documented certain parts of rural odisha . would love to share with you too. I have recorded the way these houses are built .
The wall murals are called as "jhoti" . The traditional paint is made out of ground rice flour mixed in water. Some people use lime paint too. These prints are different for each villages.