Monday, 15 April 2013

The home of...Caitlin Mociun

The home of Caitlin Mociun: Those Le Crueset Pans are to die for!
Cutlery In Jars
That Rug! Caitlin Mociun

All images from the wonderful Design Sponge
I could spend all day looking at other peoples homes and Design Sponge is one of my favourite go to places for interior tours. Not all of them are my style but I am so nosey, I just love to see how other people live

This one really caught my eye, it is the home of Caitlin Mociun. Full of pattern , colour and texture... those blue Le Creuset pans are awesome!


Boho Mixology said...

I also love having a peek at home tours, and this one is just lovely. the details are so gorgeous. The rugs are beautiful,

Zoe xx

hippyatheart said...

Really a lovely home, the style really matches so well with the flat/house itself. I think this is really important for chosing the approbiate style for ones home xx

head in the sun said...

Mmmm...that rug.

Suzanne said...


Rebecca said...

I'm SO nosy, too! And my tastes run in a similar vein to I'm always eager to visit your new posts :)

Anonymous said...

That bedroom is so sweet.

Quenby said...

Do you ever visit ? I think I like those home tours even more than designsponge.