Friday, 12 April 2013

Candle Review: Acassa, Paddy Wax

The Sunday morning relaxing in bed one: Paddywax bamboo Green Tea candle From the Eco Range
The Earthy relaxing one: My absolute favourite: Edgar Allan Poe Library candle
The refreshing Dressing table One: Paddywax Jasmine: Garden Crush Candles in Tins,
The One I am saving: Lavender and Thyme from the Relish Range
If you read Moon to Moon often you will know that I obsessed with candles and incense so the opportunity to try new fragrances and products and share my findings with you guys is a dream come true.... and I couldn't be happier with these beautiful Candles sent from Home fragrance specialists Acassa.

Acassa have a wide selection of fragrances but they were lovely enough to let me try a selection that appealed to me. All the candles are Soy based and use natural fragrances.

Eco Range..
From the Eco Range I tried the Bamboo and Green Tea candle. All the candles in the Eco range come in a beautiful re-usable green glass jar with an airtight lid, which in honour of the fragrance I will be storing my Green tea bags in when it is finished.

Of all the candles, this was the only one I was a little apprehensive about the fragrance as it is a little sweeter than I would usually go for however, I was pleasantly surprised. It has a really clean, fresh smell and have been using this one whilst chilling in my room on Sunday Mornings.

Library Range..
I was really excited about trying the Edgar Allan Poe candle as this is the one that most appealed to my aesthetic and tastes. With an aroma of Sandalwood, Patchouli and Absinthe and named after Mr Poe himself it had a lot to live up to, and it certainly delivered.

Again another 60 hour candle this one was the first one I reviewed and am sad to say was the first to finish. I have ordered myself another of this candle, it really is that good. Perfect for curling up on the sofa under a blanket with a copy of Tales of Mystery and Madness and a dram of Whisky...

Garden Crush Range..
As you can see from the photo I am getting through this refreshing Jasmine candle pretty quickly as well. I love the smell of this one, it smells really floral and is very similar in smell to one of my most purchased usual brands. It smells like spring time, and gives me hope that England will finally be sunny?

Relish Candle...
Lavender and Thyme fragrance and in an awesome reusable Purple Jar, what more needs to be said! I know for a review I am supposed to burn the candle but I am actually saving this one. Although the other candles were all a real treat this one has a certain air of luxury and smells so lovely that I want to save it for a special occasion or a rainy day.

The jar itself is really cool, and would look awesome on the kitchen shelf with the other coloured glass jars that the rest of the range come in, but my shelves will have to wait :)

Big thank you to Acassa for the opportunity to try your lovely candles...To my readers I hope this review has been interesting and helpful to you guys... I would love to read your feedback, thank you to all of those who have already commented on these images on Instagram. Glad to see you guys love these Candles too xxx

This post is sponsored by Acassa but all the opinions are my own. I turn down countless products to review each month and like my usual posts only accept those I feel reflect my tastes


cass szidon said...

Great new look and scents. They've done a great job pulling their product to the current style. I can't wait to get myself one!

Christa said...

Happy Friday (love your blog)
I have the Eco Library Diffuser "Oscar Wilde" > nice & earthy. I do use their Olivina Body Butter - Olive for years (love the smell of it). Lucky girl you are to get some samples from this (expensive, but worth it) company.

Sailor July said...

Ohhhh. I wish I could do a review for them!!! I am absolutely a scent person. I will sniff any candle or incense that I am around. Not to mention scents in nature, perfumes... Everything. Food! Paper! The list is endless. These sound so enchanting and the Edgar Allan Poe one, dreamyyyy!