Thursday, 11 April 2013

Our Exquisite Corpse, Mexican Beaded Skulls

Catherine Martin from Our  exquisite Corpse, Beaded mexican Skulls

Mexican Beaded Skull : Loving those textiles!
All images and text extract from LN-CC
Love them or Hate them you have got to admit these beaded skulls are really something different. Whilst travelling in Mexico Artist Catherine Martin discovered these stunning handmade beaded skulls made by Huichol people. Catherine now collaborates with the Huichol people, sending over her own designs to make these unique colourful skulls which, are available to buy via her online shop Our Exquisite Corpse.  

So the question on everyones lips, are they real skulls? In Catherines words

"The skulls are made in Mexico City and they're made from a type of resin. They're made up in batches in Mexico City and then the skulls are taken to Puerto Vallarta. The Huichol come down from the Sierra Madre mountains and pick them up and take them back up to the mountains. They coat a layer of beeswax over the top and then hand-bead it, so they use a little needle and they just thread the needle with these tiny little beads and just painstakingly bead it, one by one. The beads are actually pressed in, that's why you have to be really careful with them, they can't be near the sun or a heater or a fire. It's a vulnerable surface so you have to be super careful."

To see the full set of images and to read the interview with Catherine visit LN-CC here


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